None should underestimate the value and importance of online privacy. In most cases, we take our online privacy with levity. We share private details on different websites and social networks without considering the consequences. It is crucial to place an immense value on our data privacy online. And that is possible with the use of VPS, a virtual private server.

Those who never heard of virtual private servers, these  are a virtual server that runs on its operating system. It offers you unrestricted access to operational storage and lets you install any software of your choice.


  • Using a virtual private server offers your business or online experience enhanced stability. With your VPS, the performance of your website or online service will significantly improve.
  • VPS guarantees the protection of your personal information and conceals your identity from the outside world.
  • Anonymous VPS are the best options for individuals who want their private information secured and persons who do not want their transactions monitored in the conventional banking system.


Deciding on the VPS vendor for your website or online service can be dicey as there are loads of vendors promising juicy features such as 99% uptime, full technical support, and other offers. However, it is important to make an informed decision to avoid severe consequences. These are some of the main factors that you should consider before choosing the best VPS seller:

  • Area Of Specialization: All vendors are not equal, and that is a fact. If you need VPS, it is crucial to select the service that aligns with your business model. Check their configuration plans and know about their specialties to see if they will cater to your needs.
  • Identify Your Needs: It is essential to understand your hosting needs before choosing a VPS hosting provider. However, VPS is basicaly suitable for any kind of online service.
  • Scalability: It is also critical to make inquiries about the type of settings used by the VPS seller. It is important to note that your site and servers’ performance will depend on the type of chosen VPS configuration plan.
  • Anonymity: If you are looking to enhance anonymity, you should choose VPS with crypto payment options. When signing up for vps hosting plans service, you need to provide only an email, and all payments can be made without a credit card that might expose your identity.

WHY to choose VPS?

  • They require no personal details, only valid email.
  • Setting up their anonymous VPS is pretty straightforward and native for anly user level.
  • Crypto-friendly VPS; Anonymous VPS secured with cryptocurrency payments have immense anonymity advantages. offers you the rare opportunity to use a decentralized system to pay for your virtual private server. A decentralized system like cryptocurrency is not under the control of any government or entity, and that is why it is safe to use for your online privacy protection. gives you the chance to use one of the best-decentralized systems to pay for your VPS. VPS SERVERS FEATURES offers users the best virtual private servers in the industry, as their servers are renowned for their reliability. They are built on Digital Ocean infrastructure and can be set up within a minute. Their servers are automated, and anyone who lacks technical experience can install them. It means these servers are built for various workloads ranging from e-commerce sites, medium-sized databases, enterprise applications, and web application hosting. server is scalable and possesses access to different locations, and has loads of configurations to offer you the best experience.


Having a VPS vendor that accepts cryptocurrency is a plus for you, especially when you want to protect your identity extra and boost your online privacy. It makes your activities on the web untraceable. There are enormous benefits of using crypto for the payment of your virtual private servers. When you purchase VPS with crypto, it protects your anonymity as the user as your payment goes through a decentralized platform. Each bitcoin address is generated for a transaction, and it changes when there is a need for another transaction. Using crypto for your VPS purchase also enables you to conceal your financial information. It does not expose you to any financial risk using crypto as a means of payment.

Users also enjoy lower transaction fees when they buy VPS with cryptocurrency. There is no other payment method that offers ease of transaction other than the use of crypto.

Purchasing your virtual private servers from will ensure you have an exceptional experience.

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