Advantages of Woocommerce

1. It is Open-source

After installing WordPress, you can download the Woocommerce plugin and install it immediately. Only a few clicks will get the system to sell products to use. The face of the website What you call Theme, there are both free and non-free. It depends on what style you like.

2. International standard shopping cart system

When thinking about a website selling products. Everyone must think of a website page that has a lot of product categories. When you buy a product, you will click to view that product. Then when satisfied with the product, place an order by clicking on Add to cart. To see what’s ordered, click on the shopping cart. Overall, Woocommerce works well in one place.

3. Tax Calculation System

Tax calculation system, Woocommerce is also available for products that you have tax can be set up. How much tax will be calculated per piece?

4. Make a discount (discount coupon)

In Woocommerce, the back of the house will allow the shop owner to add coupons. Determine whether to give that discount coupon. It can use from any day to any day. Set the type of product whether you want this type of product to use coupons or not. You can use a coupon for a  discount or an amount. You can set the number of coupons. Limit the number of coupons and the number of users suitable for selling products you want to sell to your store. So, the advantage of WooCommerce is more.

5. Calculation of freight rates

Various selling websites It is necessary to calculate the transportation costs. To facilitate the users who come to use, Woocommerce also has a system to manage shipping costs by specifying different countries. Specify the tax rate of each country. Free shipping is also available. You can specify the minimum purchase amount that will allow free shipping. In addition, the freight rate is calculated according to the weight of the product per piece or in % and by a package.

6. It has a membership management system.

This part comes with WordPress, but when you install Woocommerce, the role will have Customers, adding members of the website will be customers. In addition, the Shop Manager role will make your website. There can be multiple admins.

7. Order confirmation system via e-mail both in the part of the order and in the part of the order confirmation

Ordering system When a customer clicks to place an order, Woocommerce’s backend system will also show the Customer’s status. that an order has been placed you can see the status of the order that Wait for payment or have you paid? Including being able to view details of various orders as well.

8. Setting up product images

For product images, it is essential to selling products on the website. In the sale, of course, the Customer would like to see a sample product first. For example, if you sell clothes, It is necessary to post pictures of clothes. To attract customers to purchase the product itself, Woocommerce is designed to be very easy to use. Just go to the product and then click Add image just as you can get the product image to be pasted on your website successfully.

9. Able to send messages to each Customer.

Another ability to facilitate the shopkeeper. When you see the order list and want to tell the Customer that you have received the money, this section is called Add Note to notify the Customer in Woocommerce. You can type a note in the details of the ordered product. Yes, After that, it will show to the User who ordered the product by himself.

10. The Customer can track the order status.

Besides, the shop owner can see the User’s status that he has ordered the product. You can see your status as well via Profile.

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