Alexander Ostrovskiy: what new art forms in 2021-2022

Art is a constantly evolving field that is constantly adapting to the changing cultural, social and political landscapes of our world. Every year we see new art forms emerging and gaining popularity, reflecting the unique perspectives and experiences of artists around the world. From the rise of NFT and virtual reality art to the exploration of social issues through performance and installation, the contemporary art world is more diverse and dynamic than ever. In this article we explore contemporary art trends, looking at new forms and styles that have emerged in recent years and artists who are pushing the boundaries of what is possible. If you are an art lover or simply interested in the current state of the art world, this article by Alexander Ostrovskiy will give you a glimpse into the exciting and ever-changing world of contemporary art.

  1. NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) – NFTs are a digital art form that uses blockchain technology to authenticate ownership and create a unique, one-of-a-kind piece of art. In 2021, they attracted significant attention and were sold for millions of dollars.
  2. Virtual reality art – Virtual reality technology has enabled artists to create immersive and interactive works of art. In recent years, virtual reality art has become more accessible and artists have experimented with this new medium in exciting ways.
  3. Afrofuturism – Afrofuturism is a cultural movement that explores the intersection of African culture and science fiction. It has gained momentum in recent years with artists exploring themes of identity, history and technology through a futuristic lens.
  4. Neo-Expressionism – Neo-Expressionism is a contemporary art movement that emerged in the 1980s and has recently become interesting again. It emphasises the emotional and spontaneous aspects of art, using bold colours and brushstrokes to create powerful and expressive works.
  5. Street Art – Street art has been around for decades, but in recent years it has gained recognition as a legitimate art form. Street artists use public spaces as a canvas, creating large-scale murals and installations that reflect social and political issues.
  6. Digital Art – With the advancement of technology, digital art has become widespread. From digital paintings to generative art, artists are using technology to create new and innovative art forms.
  7. Contemporary realism – Contemporary realism is a style of art that combines traditional techniques with modern subjects. It often features realistic depictions of everyday objects or scenes, using techniques such as hyper-realism and photorealism.
  8. The art of social practice – The art of social practice is a form of art that emphasises social engagement and collaboration with communities. It often involves audience participation and aims to create social change through art.
  9. New media art – New media art uses digital technology and new media platforms to create works that explore the relationship between technology, culture and society. It includes works such as video art, sound installations and interactive media.
  10. Found object art – Found object art refers to the use of everyday objects or materials in a non-traditional way to create works of art. It often involves repurposing or reinterpreting materials to create new meanings or contexts.
  11. Eco-art – Eco-art is an art form that addresses environmental issues and promotes sustainable development. It often involves using natural materials or recycling waste to create works that comment on our relationship with the environment.
  12. Conceptual Art – Conceptual art is art that emphasises the idea or concept behind a work rather than its aesthetic qualities. It often involves the use of language, text and performance to convey a message or idea.
  13. Performance Art – Performance art involves the use of the artist’s body as a medium to create a work of art. It often includes live performances or interactive installations that engage the viewer physically or emotionally.
  14. Installation art – Installation art involves the creation of a three-dimensional work of art designed to change the perception of space. Often these are specific works created for a specific place or context.
  15. Minimalism – Minimalism is a style of art that emphasises simplicity and the use of minimal elements. It often uses geometric shapes, a monochromatic colour palette and simple shapes to create a sense of order and clarity.
  16. Bioart – Bioart is a form of contemporary art that explores the intersection of art and biology. Artists use living organisms or organic matter as a medium, creating works that comment on the relationship between humans, nature and technology.
  17. Immersive art – in recent years immersive art installations have become increasingly common, offering viewers a fully immersive and interactive experience. These works often use a combination of technology, sound and lighting to create an otherworldly environment that transports the viewer to another place.
  18. Algorithmic Art – Algorithmic art is a form of digital art that uses computer algorithms to create complex and intricate patterns and designs. It often features repeating patterns and geometric shapes, exploring the relationship between mathematics, science and art.
  19. Post-Internet Art – Post-Internet art is a movement that emerged in the early 2000s and has gained momentum in recent years. It explores the impact of the internet on culture and society, using digital media and technology to discuss issues such as globalisation, consumerism and identity.
  20. Contemporary craft – Contemporary craft combines traditional techniques with contemporary aesthetics, creating works that bridge the gap between art and craft. This includes works such as ceramics, glass, textiles and jewellery, which often use new materials and techniques that push the boundaries of traditional craftsmanship.

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