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The Bengal cat is a truly unique breed. After all, this is a real house tiger: the breed has wild blood. Cat breeds like Bengal or savannah are the latest in the pedigree world! What are the characteristics of this breed and what are the features of their way of life?

At the beginning of the 19th century, there were still big cat hybrids in European zoos. What proved impractical for zoological gardens, however, has entered the world of domestic cats. More and more cat breeds are developing from crosses between wild cats and domestic cats. The best-known example of this is the Bengal, born from the crossing of a black domestic cat and an Asian leopard cat.

The result: a breed of cat that convinces with its elongated body and the unusual color of its coat, but which may need to be educated by an expert hand, depending on whether it is a first-generation Bengal cat, or much more. distant from its wild ancestors.

Bengal way of life

From the fifth generation, the character of the Bengal cat breeders near me resembles that of other active cat breeds without wild blood. The education of these cats differs only slightly from that of other cats which need movement. A secure yard or balcony with places to play, climb, scratch, and hide is ideal for the Bengal to keep busy depending on their activity level. Vary the Bengal’s environment and always offer him new activities. A bowl of water on the balcony? A small pond in a secure part of the garden? Let your imagination be free! Visit here best online¬† free sab result website.¬†

After a few weeks of using Bengali, clicker and target training will no longer be foreign words for you. Bengalis are particularly fond of intellectual and mental games. There are cat puzzles, but you can also use dog toys. Bengal cats love water. The wading pool in the garden is perfect for summer fun. In winter, water games can be enjoyed in the bathroom.

Raising Bengal is a challenge for cat lovers who are accustomed to calming cat breeds. However, Bengal’s intelligence and learning ability make it a very fun cat to train.

Bengals can be affected by certain diseases typical of the breed. These include progressive retinal atrophy (PRA-b), which can cause blindness in animals during the first years of life, due to degeneration of the retina of the eye. Another inherited disease is pyruvate kinase deficiency (PK-Def). Red blood cells are destroyed by pyruvate kinase deficiency, resulting in anemia.

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Both of these diseases can be detected by genetic testing. Bengals can also develop hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM). It is a heart disease that causes thickening of the heart muscle. Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy can be diagnosed by performing annual echocardiography. Responsible breeders have their cats tested for hereditary diseases and exclude affected animals from breeding. This is another additional reason to turn to reputable breeders, for whom animal welfare is paramount. Absolutely avoid dubious sellers who sell cats without papers and cannot guarantee that the animals are in good health.

The best health care you can give your Bengal cat is a species-appropriate diet and an annual visit to the veterinarian. Many owners of cat breeds with wild ancestry opt for a raw diet, as many Savannahs and Bengals seem to be sensitive to industrial cat foods and bacteria in their food. Canned or bagged ready-to-eat food can provide your Bengal cat with everything it needs for a long and healthy life as a cat! If you opt for raw food, also calledBARF power supply, you will need advanced knowledge. With the right natural supplements and ingredients, you can be sure your cat stays healthy.

How to find the right Bengal cat breeder?

If you are looking for the Bengal kitten for sale then it is an absolutely fascinating breed! Did you fall in love with this hybrid cat breed after reading this article? The question that now arises is: where to find this exceptional little tiger?

A responsible breeder ensures that the Bengal is truly a suitable cat for you and your family. He accompanies his animals to their new home by establishing contact as quickly as possible between the kittens and their future family. As a member of a breeding association, he not only attaches importance to ensuring that his cats correspond to the desired breed standard but also takes responsibility in terms of health.

This includes tests to detect possible genetic diseases and veterinary support during the gestation of the mother of the kittens. After birth, kittens make their first visit to the veterinarian to be examined, vaccinated, and wormed. All these expenses are then reflected in the purchase price of a Bengal cat for sale, which rises to the tune of a thousand euros. Animals suitable for breeding can be sold for higher sums. Do not be surprised by these prices and keep in mind that they cover the many expenses of the breeders.

Even if the purchase price of a purebred cat can put you off, you should in no case be tempted by the “mass breeders” who offer “purebred cats without papers”. As a rule, the economy of these so-called “breeders” is made on the choice of breeding animals and health care. Young animals are not socialized and do not have the necessary time with their mothers to grow into physically and mentally healthy cats. You must be able to trust the breeder of your future kitten, and he can trust you. Do not be surprised if the breeder has set special conditions for the sale of his animals. It can be castration or the guarantee of outdoor space.

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