All about Meat Mincers in Kenya – Buying Guide

Meat mincers are kitchen machines allowing you to ground meat quickly and efficiently without using additional tools. They are often used to manually mince flesh from complete chunks of beef, resulting in a homogenous product free of tendons, cartilage, and other tricky meat bits. It is a safe, clean, and efficient method of getting minced meat, whether pure or mixed, and it eliminates the difficulty of grinding meat with sharp and sometimes hazardous blades or equipment.

The mincer’s design

An excellent meat grinder consists of three components. A perforated plate is the core body, which must contain a hole for food intake and one for food escape, a propeller meat mincer.

The meat mincer propeller, also known as the meat mincer blade, cuts the product inside the machine and speeds it up. The blades, in reality, spin and “attract” the food that advances as a result. Furthermore, the movement of the meat is caused by the meat grinder’s pressure.

Plate with perforations It is very significant since it determines the size of the mince. The holes’ diameter may vary, and the container can be replaced to meet all requirements. But what makes it so unique? A hamburger will require minced meat of a specified thickness; however, if the mincer is used to pass tomatoes or vegetables, the dish must accommodate these things.

When choosing a meat mincer

When selecting professional butchery equipment, it is always important to consider the following;


Before purchasing the mincer, consider your budget. There are manual and electric mincers, with the electric one being more costly because it is more effective, faster, and requires no effort. So you must choose a device based on the rates of meat mincer prices in Kenya.

Meat Quantity

Before settling on a specific machine, you should calculate the average amount of meat you want to mince. If you need to mince a large amount of meat, you should choose a more powerful and effective device. In most cases, the electric mincer is preferable. Although the manual mincer can only mince a small amount of meat, it is usually adequate for use in the home kitchen.


Also, understanding how you intend to utilize the device is crucial before acquiring or assessing numerous professional meat grinders.

Cleaning and Maintenance

However, the most crucial thing to address when selecting a meat grinder is: are professional equipment components easily removable to aid cleaning? What kind of material are they? These two elements affect the price lever. Some mincers lack detachable and dishwasher-safe parts and the screw is made of cast iron or stainless alloys.

Engine power

The engine power is another aspect of a meat grinder’s technical specifications. In the event of massive production, a robust meat grinder is quite handy, but it heats. As a result, you should be aware that it will impact the ground product.


From the article, it is very evident that purchasing the meat mincer machine is a worthwhile investment. As a result, this content is a great reference tool.

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