All into the digital world

Hacking comes in many forms, most of which are illegal. However, Ethical Hacking is seen as legally legal and in today’s digital world it is interesting for many people to learn more about this.

More and more often we hear in the news that hackers are shutting down entire companies. In this way, theft is often committed by transferring money to other bank accounts or blackmailing entrepreneurs, which costs billions of euros every year.

Companies are becoming increasingly aware of this and spend more money every year to ward off criminals with malicious intent. A good weapon against illegal forms of hacking is this positive hacking method.

With knowledge of hacking you are able, for example, to test company networks whether they are well protected against external attacks. It seems very complicated, but with some basic knowledge of computers and network security it is perfectly achievable. Other names for this form of hacking are pen testing, penetration testing and intrusion testing. You can also check sourcemod.


Before you start a real course, there is a lot of information on the internet. That way you can quickly crack passwords, hack into networks or take over webcams. With a lot of practice, observation and a lot of patience you will be able to discover security leaks faster and faster.

It also makes your brain creative because you often run into problems for which there is no solution yet. Techniques are constantly changing due to continuous technological developments. 

Social hacking?

It is a world in itself that hides more than you think.

What knowledge do you need?

To crack a well-secured company network, a bit more than basic knowledge is needed. If after some practice you feel like it suits you, taking an official course is a smart choice. In the meantime, a serious career in this field is certainly possible and you can become a Certified Ethical Hacker.

This is a globally accepted certification issued by the EC Council upon successful completion of the study. This advanced course teaches you the 18 most common security platforms. In 18 comprehensive modules, you will learn more than 270 different attack strategies commonly used by hackers.

You learn to write codes, develop websites and apps in order to gain insight into the composition of the technologies to be able to perform security tests.


You need to have a lot of patience and be able to focus on details to solve complex cyber puzzles. It is therefore important to see whether this suits you and whether you can easily work in teams. Contrary to popular belief, you often have to work together to successfully stop attacks.

It is also important that you are able to show your human side. You have access to all information of a company, so a relationship of trust is very important. With a small mistake, crucial information can end up in the wrong hands. A great sense of responsibility and a discreet attitude is required.

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