All you need to know about a manual lawn mower

Do you own a small garden which requires mowing and you would prefer a simple lawn mower? No need to worry anymore because a manual garden mower got you covered. In this article, we will look at some details about this lawn mower and why you need it.

These mowers are considered old fashioned but the best thing about them is that they are not as noisy, easy to handle and are environment friendly because they do not produce emissions.

They cut grass in a similar way as a pair of scissors. They lack embedded power sources and so an individual will push it. This will cause blades to rotate. When the blades spin they slide over each other holding grass in between then and cutting the grass short. They are easy to operate and best suited for small lawns.

Mode of operation

Majority of lawn mowers have elongated handles and wheels on one axle with a couple of blades (the blades aid in grass cutting). The blades pull grass into it and the cutter blade snips it. They spin vertically and use a scissor technique to cut the grass short.

Advantages of manual lawn mowers

A manual lawn mower is good for your garden’s health because it cuts grass clean like scissors. This factor aids in fast regrowth of the grass and protection against diseases and insect attacks, which can ruin the appearance of your lawn. The clean cuts also enhance the beauty and tidiness of your lawn making it attractive and conducive.

These mowers operate quietly. This fact provides an environment conducive for the user. They do not pollute the environment because they produce no emissions, which is a different case when it comes to gas mowers. This makes them easy to operate and maintain.

Due to their simplicity and ease of operation, these mowers are cheap. They can be afforded by even the low income earners and so you have no reason to stay in a dirty lawn. These mowers provide the cleanliness you need.

Disadvantages of manual lawn mowers

They are inappropriate for tall grass as they just push it down and troll over it without cutting it. You should not, therefore, leave your grass to grow too tall because this will cost you another mower.

They are only efficient for small lawns. Since they operate manually, they use manpower and would be so tiring to push over a large lawn. One may end up exhausted and not doing a neat job. If you have a large garden, it would be wise to consider gas or power rotary mowers.

Care and maintenance of manual lawn mowers

Before embarking on a journey to possess a mower, it is important to take note of care and maintenance tips. This will not only promote better appearance but also enhance durability and better working of the mower. Do not forget that repair and replacement is also part of maintenance.

Lawn mowers are easy to maintain especially if they are manual. You should lubricate it and sharpen its blades once in a while to renew the cutting strength. Ensure also to clean it after use to get rid of all grass and allow it to dry.


Manual lawn mowers are a remedy to anyone looking forward to maintaining a clean and tidy lawn. Consider going through this information before visiting a store.

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