All you need to know about Chartering a Sailboat in Europe

Anyone with a busy life will probably have fantasised at some point about being in the middle of the ocean, far away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, with nothing but the horizon in your view. Life on the ocean waves is one of the most thoroughly relaxing things you can do, and choosing a holiday that includes chartering a sailboat could be the stress buster that you need to clear your mind.

If you choose the right destination, you can soak up some of the most glorious weather going and plan a break with everything you could possibly want from a holiday. If you want a rich history, fantastic food, cultural delights and a chance to leave all your worries behind, a yacht charter is the ultimate break to consider.

Chartering a sailboat is not only a great choice for fans of every kind of holiday, it is also an easy and convenient way to get a holiday tailored to meet your needs exactly. You can create your own timetable and plan your perfect trip to include whatever you want, whether that’s soaking up the sun, exploring some lesser-known beauty spots, or touring the best restaurants an area has to offer.

As a society, we have got used to being able to have full control over what we do, researching destinations and booking travel ourselves to get the broadest choice of destinations and timings. This freedom is one of the things that has seen more and more holiday-makers choosing to charter a sailboat for a break that suits them perfectly.

The best places to charter a sailboat

Once you have chosen a trip on a sailboat, there are plenty of incredible destinations to choose from, and Europe has plenty to offer when it comes to places to explore:


One of the most appealing places in Europe to charter a sailboat is Croatia, with more than 1,000 islands off the Dalmation Coast to be explored from the sea. If you want to try your hand at island hopping, you have plenty to choose from if you choose a holiday in Croatia, and there are plenty of activities for couples, families and groups of friends.

Croatia offers all the magic of the Mediterranean, with crystal clear blue waters and port towns bursting with cultural curiosities and fascinating places to visit, plus plenty of quiet places where you can enjoy the peace and quiet that you can only find adrift on the ocean.

History fans will be able to track down ancient forts, visit historically significant cities and learn about the fascinating history of the area. The old town of Trogir is a medieval town laid out like a Hellenistic city and it was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997.

With 2,300 years of historic monuments, social and cultural traditions, and evolving architecture, Trogir has enough to keep anyone interested for a whole holiday. Add in a vibrant nightlife, delicious restaurants and incredible views and you might never want to leave.

And this is only one of the many places you can visit on the coast of Croatia if you charter a yacht in the area.  There are plenty of other fascinating, beautiful and relaxing places to explore by sea.


As one of the Mediterranean’s most appealing destinations for a yacht charter Greece also boasts a variety of islands to explore and plenty of amazing places to visit. The climate is warm and dry with blues skies stretching out as far as the eye can see and blending into the clear cerulean seas as you gaze out towards the horizon.

There are hundreds of Greek islands to choose from with a diverse offering to give you exactly the holiday you want. Some are almost uninhabited, except for the stunning flora and fauna, beautiful beaches and amazing views.

Some offer some insight into the long and varied history of Greece, with evidence of settlement by the ancient Minoans, Romans, Egyptians and Greeks evident in the form of monuments, buildings, places of worship and archaeological sites. History fans can head to Kos to view mosaics dating back to the 2nd century or see the marble statues found on Naxos.

Food fanatics will be spoiled for choice with a wealth of local tavernas serving traditional dishes, several varieties of local cheese made only on specific islands, salad leaves grown in the Mediterranean sun, and honey collected from bees with access to the sweetest flowers.

You can choose from fresh seafood, caught within hours of being eaten, and many restaurants serve dishes that showcase the historical influence of the diversity of the area. Taste the proximity of Italy with pasta dishes flavoured with ouzo and retsina, or enjoy the spiced pastries that are modern reminders of the area’s Ottoman legacy.

Those who want to enjoy the local nightlife can find bars overlooking the most beautiful harbours where you can watch the sun go down while enjoying cocktails, clubs where the hottest DJs host night-long beach parties, or traditional dancing in village squares.

Whatever you’re looking for on your travels, chartering a sailboat is the most amazing way to create the holiday of your dreams with an itinerary that perfectly matches your interests. You don’t have to choose between relaxation, excitement, exploration, and learning – you can have it all when you charter a sailboat.

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