All you need to know about Vape

A Vape (electronic cigarette) vaporizes a liquid that contains a mixture of flavors and other substances. The liquid, or e-liquid, is heated to create vapor that the user can inhale. The liquid does not contain tobacco, like a regular cigarette, but often contains nicotine. The Vape is available in all kinds of models and flavors. A specific type of Vape is the shishapen. This mimics the taste of a water pipe (shisha). A shishapen contains no tobacco and usually no nicotine.

Of course you searched for Vape, fumes or electric smoking. Otherwise you would not have ended up here. We do our best to explain clearly as much vapor-related matters as possible here. Information about electric cigarettes and accessories, but understandable for both beginners and advanced users. Everyone should be able to find what they are looking for with us. Of course there are also people who thought they could buy an electric cigarette from vape shop, and we even have a solution for that so that they do not have to look any further.

As soon as you consider vaping instead of continuing to smoke, many questions arise. Every potential and novice vape goes through this phase. Many of these questions are answered and support you in making a better choice. Honest and comprehensive information and answers from a satisfied damper’s point of view. 

What is your correct Vape

But nothing is less true. Unfortunately, you cannot buy every Vape that you like or think is suitable. At many web shops and unfortunately also at many stores you get the wrong advice. We’ve mentioned it before, there are no bad Vapes but bad advice. If you buy an Vape that is not suitable for you, you will not be able to overcome smoking with this either. 

Less unhealthy than regular cigarette

Less harmful substances are released with an Vape than with a regular cigarette, and in lower concentrations. In all likelihood, an Vape is less unhealthy than a regular cigarette. However, we do not yet know what harmful effects an Vape has with long-term and structural use.  

Attractive flavorings 

The flavors in an Vape give a nice taste and mask the bitter taste of nicotine. Young people find the Vape especially attractive because of the wide choice of (especially sweet) flavors. Tobacco smokers just starting out with Vapes especially appreciate the tobacco flavors and the experience that resembles smoking a regular cigarette. For non-smokers, an Vape can be a stepping stone to normal smoking.

Sometimes helpful in quitting smoking

For some people, an Vape is an effective smoking cessation aid. However, most Vape users also continue to smoke tobacco. People often use nicotine Vapes as a smoking cessation aid. There is then a risk that they will remain addicted to Vapes after they have stopped smoking. Or continue to combine the Vape with regular tobacco. Cloudstix provide you the best E liquid and vap.

Nicotine salts

Some e-liquids contain nicotine salts. These make the vapor less bitter and sharp in taste than regular (‘freebase’) nicotine. This makes it easier for users to inhale large amounts of nicotine. Nicotine salts may also be absorbed into the body more quickly, enhancing its addictiveness.

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