Amazing Subscription Box Ideas for Product Businesses

As subscription box E-commerce continues to grow rapidly, more and more businesses are adopting this business model to generate upscale repeat business. Adopting a subscription model can help you attain consistent, month-to-month revenue regardless of whether you are just starting or already having a business. Through using a simple recurring payment system, your clients will be able to know exactly what to expect and when.

There are a number of online websites that offer a variety of subscription boxes for small businesses, but you need to determine which one best suits your products and business. Visit and go through their catalog of ready-made and custom product packaging designs that are best suited for e-commerce businesses.

Clients often find subscription boxes very addictive since they provide an enticing combination of adventure and mystery and at an affordable price. Since subscription commerce for product businesses gives businesses advantages such as higher lifetime value (LTV) and consistent revenue, it is evident that it is worth doing.

What Types of Products Work Well For Subscription Boxes


Food is a consumable product, and clients are always looking for more, making it an excellent product for subscription boxes. With a variety of smaller brands that are impossible to find in local supermarkets, you could offer to curate a monthly experience for them.


If you specialize in selling smaller homewares, you might want to curate a new box for your clients every month with a supporting element and one key item. You can also play around with color trends and seasonal themes to keep the subscriptions new and exciting every time.

Gardening Supplies

Today, many people spend a lot of time in their gardens, while those who had been neglecting their gardens in the past continue to seek ways to turn their little patch into a haven over the coming months. There has never been a better time to offer support through providing ideas, seasonal tips, tools, and seeds to gardening enthusiasts.

Skincare Products

Consider how often your client uses your products, how you can diversify your products with each box, or if they regularly buy the same items, offer a ‘repeat buy’ subscription including an extra and different treat in the box each time.


Books are easy to curate around a theme, which makes them an excellent choice for subscription boxes. You can also choose to introduce new authors to subscribers who love a particular genre.


Keeping in touch with loved ones regularly is something that everyone wants. To help your clients achieve this, you could curate subscription packages of stationery such as cards, sticky pads, notebooks, pens, amongst others. You can choose from a variety of Mens Stationery items to include in the box.


Crafters are always curious to learn and try new projects, which makes crafts wonderful for subscription boxes. Your clients will receive a lot of joy and happiness from creating with the kit or materials you send them each month.


If you plan to or have an online workshop, then a subscription box would be the perfect addition to your workshop offer. You can offer these packages either through a one-off postal purchase with an incentive if they sign up for a monthly workshop with you or as a recurring subscription model.

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Jewelry is an amazing and beautiful way to treat or gift a loved one through a subscription box. It would help if you considered the frequency that makes sense with your range, making it easy for people to gift, and varying the box up, so you offer different elements in each one.

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Offer Subscription Boxes That Compliment Your Product Business

When contemplating whether or not to offer subscription boxes, you should seek out ideas that expand your market. If you sell products or items that your clients might need to replace, in part or whole, you can start by offering subscriptions that contain spare parts. For industries that thrive on recurring services, providing an item used and purchased regularly is convenient for everyone.

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