Fulfil your taste desire with Jon Urbana’s exclusive American wagyu beef

Who wouldn’t love to have a great steak on his plate? The mouth starts watering from the moment you think about it. A perfectly cooked steak that is also marvellous shaped and healthier than the regular grocery store steak. 

I am talking about the beef of KOW Steak. Their meat comes from their farm of wagyu cows. Those beef are one of the most luxurious and expensive meats in the world right now. Wagyu cows originated in Japan, but that is now not as healthy or standard as it used to be. That is why KOW steak has brought American wagyu beef to you, which is a lot healthier. The meat is now tender, rich flavoured, nutritious, and full of vitamins. The owner of KOW steak, Jon Urbana and his cousins have made it possible. You can order your favourite cut beef from

How did Jon Urbana’s story start?

Though Jon Urbana and his cousins started the KOW steak in 2016, the root of the story began much earlier. They are the 6th generation from then. Their grandfather took the first step back in the mid-’70s. He helped the Japanese government to establish a dairy program at that time. He took a unique herd of bred dairy cattle for that program from America to Japan. The Japanese emperor considered this program so significant that even the emperor himself came to greet Jon Urbana’s grandfather at the airport in Tokyo. While staying in Japan, his grandfather tasted the meat of the cow that he took from America. The breed was Wagyu cow. He was so satisfied with the taste that he made up his mind to bring the taste to America so that Americans can also experience the same mind-blowing taste. 

His grandfather fulfilled his dream, and after returning to America, he began his farm with a small herd of Wagyu cows. That was the first step of today’s KOW Steak. The steak of this beef is so much tastier that it gets stock out every day. 

How Did the KOW Steak Brand Start Its journey?

In 2016, Jon Urbana took a step to take the Wagyu beef of their farm to another milestone. He started a brand and started to sell the meat online on The cows of Wagyu beef are graze-free because they get to eat fresh grass from the open field and natural water. It makes American Wagyu cows healthier. The fanbase of Wagyu beef on Jon Urbana’s farm is enormous now. Many famous chefs like Gordon Ramsey, David Chang, and many renowned restaurants are their loyal customers. You can enjoy the most exclusive flavour of KOW Steak at famous restaurants like Nobu 57, Strip House, The Gotham Burger Social Club, Boucherie, etc. You will find tenderloin tartare, tomahawk steak, or even a burger of KOW Wagyu beef on their menu. As it is a luxury product, everyone expects the most popular cuts. But the other cuts are also incredible, and the cuts are also perfect. Jon Urbana set philosophy of 0% wastage at KOW Steak. The chefs of his firm make different products with every cut. He values his customers and employees as the top priority. 


Jon Urbana highlights their value and pride of their family farm, from raising a cow to delivering its meat to your family dinner table. Over the past century, his family has been creating impacts in the cuisine industry. No matter which cut of meat you choose, you will get the best Wagyu beef in the world. The total credit goes to Jon Urbana and his family tradition. You won’t find any match of beef cuts like KOW’s Wagyu cut. 

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