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Animal and pet logo design ideas and guidelines

In today’s world, it won’t be wrong to say that every house needs and looks for a pet. Dogs, cats, dormouse, rabbit, white-rat, hamster, and so on! People long to have a pet or pets at their place because it gives them someone to play with and it also keeps the house a bit more lively. So, if you have a business around pets, maybe a pet walking service provider, pet shop, pet food, pet grooming, pet care business, or pet shelter construction; whatever it may be you need to have a good logo. Having a logo that creates a sense of comfort in the pet owner’s mind will help you get better engagement. Consider hiring good logo designers for the job to ensure the best designs.

But if you wish to analyse a logo- what are the parameters to do that? What should one consider before researching for a logo? What all things are to be considered before creating a logo? All of these doubts and problems are dealt with in this blog. So take a look at it completely!

1. Creating a custom logo

One of the most popular and amazing logo designs for pet shops or any other services and product providers is the custom logo. Having a pet shop doesn’t mean you only have dog or cat food. It highly depends on the location of your shop. There are places where people keep camels, penguins, and even horses as their pets. If you have products for multiple pets, then how would you create a logo? Would you put all the animals on it or do things wisely. The best way to deal with such problems, later on, is to create a custom logo. Unless you want to confuse and reduce your customers. Therefore, it is better to make a logo that shows the forte of your pet shop. Whether you deal with only exotic species of birds and animals, or you have fish and other pet products and services.

2. Showcase the type of pet owners you cater

A logo is surely an important part of your brand. It helps in not just creating a brand image but also helping people understand your offerings. It is rarely seen that a pet shop is so huge that it keeps all kinds of products for all kinds of pets and services inclusive! Being the owner of your business, it is for you to determine the useful pet services in your area. Once you have done that, make sure to showcase the same on your logo. Let people know about the kind of pet owners you will cater to. If you want to have just the dogs and cats or other mainstream animals then create a logo that suits this idea. Whereas if you have a range of products for even the exotic birds and animals, you can simply use a logo like “Exotic Jungle.” If you choose to make a dog logo it would surely be cheesy unless you are able to add some base to it.

3. Your logo should be attractive

Before you come to any conclusion about your logo, make sure that it is lucrative and attractive, to say the least. Your logo is meant to impress and attract people for business and if it isn’t doing that, you will have to change it for good. Creating a cute or innocent-faced animal, bird, or marine animal on your logo might just look fine. It would be attractive and adorable at the same time. Also before selecting any design, do not forget to consider the media options. Social Media platforms are one of the best places to promote your products. So, before making a logo public, try to put it on your social media handles and then decide.

4. Try for a combination logo

As you already know, basically there are 3 types of logo styles. The first one is where you only have the logo image. This image is created in such a way that it speaks for your offerings, it will satisfy the things that you currently have and also those that would be there in future. Then the next type of logo is the one where you have only text. Only text logos are the ones where you have a jingle, maybe a 3-word name or something like that. This can have a lot of other combinations too. It can be paired with multiple colours too. The third category in this is the combination of logos where you get both images as well as text. These are the most intriguing and well-known logo styles. It makes for a great combination and it will be good enough for you. You can connect with the dog logo maker and ask them for some help if you adhere to the same section.

5. You can also keep it simple

Actually, it highly depends on the geographic location of your business. If you are situated in a small area and do not have any plans to expand, then you should make a logo that resonates with the people around you. Whereas those who have a shop or business in a metro city would have to make the logo quite lucrative because there would already be a lot of competitors.

6. A scalable logo can do the trick

Everyone is well aware of the fact that logos are an important and integral part of your business. So, if you are starting up any business in the same, you should think of an interesting logo. One of the best ideas to get for the same is to have a scalable logo. What makes a scalable logo? First, you will have to check what categories you adhere to. Then you will have to check the sections you have in your inventories. Once all of this is accessed properly, then creating a scalable logo will be an easy task. What good will that give to your business? You will not have to change it quite often, rather it would be easier for you to have it when you scale your business.

7. Try for a doodle

Obviously, you have an entire world of options to try before selecting a logo for your business. If that’s what you are thinking about, then doodle it up. What does this mean? You don’t necessarily have to create a logo that everyone is doing. Try to stay different and unique in your own ways. To get that you can simply ask your creative person to try a few doodle options. In this also, you can use the above-given points to see what fits better. It is always going to be exhaustive when deciding on logos. But if you give it this much, your logo will be quite amazing and lucrative.


We suppose the pet logo ideas and guidelines that we have given above would have immensely helped. If you haven’t started your research for the same, pick all the things accordingly and get going. If you wish to create a pet logo or a lawn care logo, you can simply connect or rely on the experts for the same. All you need to do is give your input to the experts and the rest would be done by them.

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