Are You Sick Of YouTube Advertisements? Watch On This Platform Instead 

The advertisements that appear inside YouTube videos are many and don’t allow you to concentrate on what you are watching. In recent times, the number of ads has been on the rise and this can make you sick. This could even get worse because it now seems it’s the goal of YouTube is to increase the number of ads further, to force people to subscribe and pay money to watch video content that is free from ads. However, you don’t have to despair because there are several credible YouTube alternatives where you can watch your favorite videos without worrying about the nuisance that is a result of too many advertisements.

Here are two wonderful YouTube alternatives where you can watch videos online without being interrupted by advertisements.

1. GoogleTune

This is a relatively new video marketing platform that allows video creators to come up with quality content and upload it on the site. Then viewers can access these perfectly created videos in various formats and watch them using their preferred gadgets. What makes GoogleTune – the YouTube alternative different is that it allows the users to have some privacy, unlike YouTube and other video marketing sites. Because all the videos that are available on this site are free, you can watch whatever video that you want, and for as long as you want using any of your handheld devices or a computer.

The big community of content creators and also a large number of viewers makes GoogleTune an amazing choice for everyone interested in watching all sorts of videos. Some of the common videos that you can find are entertaining videos, comedy videos, religious videos, and educational videos among others. For those who want to download videos, this platform allows them to do this. With new additions of content every day, you will have a fresh supply of new video content for your everyday entertainment.

2. Open YouTube

Open YouTube is one of the leading hosting platforms where you can watch videos for free. This website can be an amazing choice for anyone interesting in accessing different kinds of videos using handheld gadgets such as phones or tablets. It’s also a wonderful choice for video lovers who watch their entertaining videos using laptops.

The policy of not entertaining in video advertisements makes Open YouTube a unique choice for anyone interested in watching videos online without getting interrupted by ads. With a single click, Open YouTube allows you to download content and share them with your friends and other contacts. In recent times, a video category feature was added, and this is helpful for those who want to reduce the amount of time which they use to sift through videos. It allows viewers to share favorite videos to their social networks, while also allowing them to create their video playlist. You can get more information to visit this FastPeopleSearch


With GoogleTune and Open YouTube, you can enjoy watching videos online free without being interrupted by adverts. Whether you are interested in educational videos, documentaries, religious content, or any other genre, you can find what you need effortlessly.

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