Artificial Intelligence And Its Impact On eCommerce

Artificial intelligence has become a widespread practice by many businesses in different industries, including eCommerce. It simplifies many processes such as customer support, payments, etc. In their turn, eCommerce brands happily leverage all the benefits AI can offer. As a result, artificial intelligence can provide brands with higher ROIs and boost sales in the long term. 

On the other hand, if you’re not very familiar with AI and don’t seem to understand how it works generally, it may be confusing how it can impact your eCommerce business. Therefore, this guide will discover some of the AI’s points to influence the eCommerce industry. 

Three ways artificial intelligence impacts eCommerce

Even though not all AI features can serve the eCommerce industry, there’s a lot business in this sector can benefit from. Let’s discuss the three major points of AI’s impact. 

1. Chatbots for customer support

One of the most revolutionary things artificial intelligence has brought is chatbots which can be used mostly for faster and more efficient customer support. Instead of hiring a team of customer care specialists and spending time on their training, brands can now integrate a website chatbot into their eCommerce store and let it do the job. But on the other hand, buyers are also searching for more simplified solutions, and they don’t want to wait for hours until someone will get back to them. 

Chatbot support works in most cases where customers have the same questions repeatedly. It helps automate the whole process and cuts expenses for your eCommerce brand.  

2. Voice recognition for a better experience

Voice commerce is another widespread practice among eCommerce businesses and another great way to leverage the benefits of AI. While you can hire remote assistants to do the job, voice search makes the whole process much easier for customers. They can use a device with voice assistants such as Amazon Echo and find the desired products quickly. 

Voice recognition is an improving technology so that eCommerce brands can expect more and better features in the future. Some AI bots can fully understand what the person is saying, and some can even translate from various languages.

3. Facial recognition for better business decisions

Facial recognition is one of the most efficient solutions from artificial intelligence. If you can’t do customer research for some reason or get easily confused, you can use AI to help gather various information about your customers. This information includes customer age, gender, physical features, preferences, etc. 

Moreover, you can use this to understand how your customers would like to communicate with your brand. This data will help during your eCommerce development process and come in handy in the case of making marketing or branding decisions. Customers can leverage facial recognition without entering any information when it comes to customers. This also simplifies the process for both the brand and the buyer. 


Integrating AI solutions may seem like a complex and expensive strategy for most eCommerce companies. However, if they have long-term growth and brand development goals, it’s essential. As technology grows more and there are innovations, it will be impossible to “escape” artificial intelligence. 

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