Artificial Intelligent: What Are The Practical AI Applications

Industry – Automation has been an industry keynote for many decades. And machines keep getting smarter. With AI, Leading Conversational AI Chat there is equipment that manufactures and checks products without being operated by a human.

This is just the beginning, as machines are being developed that also create and run new projects on their own; they do creative work and have no limitations for their use.


The routes suggested by the Waze app may seem boring at times, but people keep using it because it usually points out the best way. This is because the program uses Artificial Intelligence to interpret data automatically provided by other users about road traffic.

Autonomous Cars

Uber, Google, and Tesla develop autonomous cars, which do not need a driver to drive them. Innovation is possible thanks to various technologies and sensors that provide data for algorithms to guide the movement of automobiles.

User Service

Chatbots, Leading Conversational AI Chat and natural language processing systems are getting smarter to replace human attendants and be available to users with questions 24 hours a day.

Online Retail

Online store algorithms recognize users’ shopping patterns to present them with deals based on their preferences. Amazon created, in this format, Amazon Go, a retail store that does not have a stockist and checkout, for example.


With access to databases, there are programs capable of writing informative news stories that make it difficult for the reader to distinguish them from texts written by humans.


Financial institutions use algorithms to analyze market data, manage finances and relate to their customers.


Law firms and legal departments will rely on robots to more quickly, accurately, directly, and cost-effectively do much of what a lawyer does today.


Artificial Intelligence: types, benefits, examples, challenges, and more


In Health, we have a very current example, which is intelligent machines to help fight the Covid-19 pandemic. The AI ​​has collaborated to identify contamination and infected spots, assisting the authorities in managing calls and resolving doubts among the population, and combating false news. Before, the technology was already cooperating with the early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. It also helped in reading exams, identifying changes in computed tomography, for example.

Social Networks And Apps

Photo recognition, identification of objects and situations, thematic playback of videos, simultaneous translation, and automatic removal of inappropriate content are some of the contributions of AI to social networks and other applications. Other than that, the algorithms can customize the posts and news feed, suggest friendships according to the network of contacts, present augmented reality features, and synchronize content instantly.


Entertainment is one of the areas that has benefited most from AI. One of the most common examples is the personalized recommendation system in streaming services, ensuring a better experience on the platform. However, we don’t stop there. Virtual reality props provide a perception that the person is performing the screen character’s actions.

Predictive Maintenance

Anticipating problems is a great way to avoid headaches in the future. And that’s precisely what AI has been doing by collaborating with predictive maintenance.

Evaluating preliminary machinery and product information prevents unnecessary repairs from being made and any errors from stopping an entire company.

Myths And Truths About Artificial Intelligence

The future and possibilities for advances in artificial Intelligence are not yet fully known. Most of the population does not keep up with the theoretical and practical developments in technology, which gives rise to many myths about AI.

Know some of the main ones:

Machines will turn against humans

This is not an impossible possibility to happen, but most experts believe it will be easy to develop solutions to minimize the danger or remedy a negative situation.

AI works like our brain

Although there is an AI approach that seeks to replicate the functioning of our neurons, the human brain is still much more complex than a machine.

AI will terminate all jobs

It is a fact that several jobs will no longer exist, but there will always be the possibility of more strategic action.

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