Barbara Luijckx: A Blog About Chocolates And Chocolate Recipes.

Chocolates are something that brings joy to our life. Chocolate is a big trend and will never go out of fashion. For example, the combination with fruits is a real winner for every chocolate lover. It needs a unique creative spirit to make such a special combination. Customer demand has created a special market for luxury chocolates and homemade chocolate recipes. A company that shows this excellence in its creativity and passion is: Nocciolata BV. This company was founded in 2008 by Barbara Luijckx, who commercializes and distributes chocolate products via their webshop, wholesalers and retailers.

Barbara Luijckx has a passion for chocolates and still is fascinated by the chocolate industry. Besides that, she is also a trained businesswoman and wants to inspire start-ups to implement their own product or idea. And last, but not least she has a real love for food and writes about the wonderful outcome of her experiments in her blog.

Chocolate Decorations;

Chocolate drizzle, sugar powder and chocolate pearls are decorative ways of adding colour and flavour to homemade cupcakes or chocolate decorations.

For Chocolate-lovers, the name Barbara Luijckx is a synonym for chocolate accessories. This Belgian lady makes chocolate decorations which are sold in more than 30 countries. She also gives workshops in chocolate decoration and animates corporate parties. Dutch chocolate sculptor Barbara Luijckx specializes in making chocolate accessories, such as hairdos, hats and clothes. These decorations are of high quality and are created with great attention to detail. Everything is handmade and personally designed by her. Premium chocolate reserves the work of this professional chocolate chef for good reasons.

Chocolate accessories with beautiful colour combinations based on taste and appearance. A range of different decorations for different purposes.

Barbara Luijckx: Gold and white chocolate decorations

Barbara Luijckx is a Master chocolatier from Eindhoven in the Netherlands. She specializes in making gold and white chocolate decorations for weddings, birthdays, christenings and baby showers. These are the kind of decorations you’ll never find at a supermarket or confectionary. Her designs are unique, elegant and tasty. Check out for more

Barbara Luijckx works with gold- and white chocolate and creates precious decorations in addition to artistic candy sculptures. Products like Gold Chocolate Caramel Mocca Balls, Gold Chocolate Chappie Eggs, Gold Chocolate Ladybugs, Gold Chocolate Hearts and Gold Chocolate Quails (in pairs of ten) are interesting for everyone who is looking for a tasty gift idea or for people who long for something special during their holidays. Gold decorations are made of chocolate and white chocolate. A wonderful idea for a Christmas decoration, cake topping or wedding decoration. Lots of gold stars, hearts and flowers. All perfect to complete your ‘gold and white’ wedding decoration. With the gold powder (Decorations with real gold), you can decorate even more simply. Barbara Luijckx is well known because of the design of her Goldschmuck. All of it is designed and produced by herself directly in Germany.

I am really fond of using gold and white chocolate decorations to give cakes and desserts a touch of festive style. Gold is a classic, especially fine sheet gold leaves or gold powder, but a wonderful gold effect can also be obtained by burning gold sugar paste (or loose sugar), or, as I prefer to use it, piping on with edible gold dust (1kg will last a long time, for this reason, it is a very good investment).

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