Benefits Of Using Stainless Steel Kadhai for Deep Frying

Of all cookware, stainless steel cookware is gaining popularity. With the confusion that is going around about aluminium and Teflon-coated cookware that are believed to pose a threat to our health, the hero of cookware is now stainless steel. And with the vast variety of recipes that an Indian kitchen sees, chefs rely solely on stainless steel kadhais. From getting them from local stores to the vast purchases of kadhai online, these magic utensils are designed to cook curry-based relishes as well as for deep frying.

What is Deep Fried Food?

Who wouldn’t crave fried food? From fried chicken to fish, and churros to vegetarian pakoras, many such recipes would instantly start the waterworks in your mouth. Deep frying is nothing more than dunking the food into hot oil at a temperature of about 400 oC. The result is a crispy, crunchy coating with a juicy, soft, lip-smacking layer on the inside. Now to attain the perfect fried food, you must possess the perfect utensils. This is where our hero, the stainless steel kadhai comes in.

Why Stainless Steel Kadhai?

We are well aware that kadhais are the most adaptable piece of utensil used for cooking.  Steel kadhais can minister to all your particular needs. Here are some factors as to why a stainless steel kadhai is perfect for frying food

Can withhold high heat: Deep frying is possible only when the food is immersed in a high temperature, and to hold such a high temperature, you need the right pan. Kadhai is said to withstand a good amount of heat, and it can uniformly hold the heat for a longer period, making the cooking process faster and even.

Lightweight: They are not heavy on the hands and can easily move about. They are designed with handles for safer cooking, too.

Stand out: Unlike non-stick and cast iron, the stainless steel kadhais stand out for various reasons. Deep frying is not allowed in a non-stick pan, and unlike non-stick pans, stainless steel does not have any coating that can emit dangerous chemicals while deep frying. Contrary to cast iron, you do not have to temper stainless steel in oil before cooking. Chances are, with high heat, you could even risk damaging the coating of non-stick, but you don’t have that risk with stainless steel.

Low Maintenance: Let us agree that washing off oil is not an easy task. But with stainless steel, there is very little elbow grease. You can either go mainstream and wash them with your hands or throw them into a dishwasher. The job is done. You do not need to use harsh chemicals, either. Even with deep heating, as the name suggests, neither of these leaves stains, nor does it rust or corrode, making it an ultimate one-time buy.

Customise: It comes in all sizes and shapes. You have round-bottomed ones that are used on the stovetop and also flat ones that are induction safe. You can find a smaller one that would serve 1-2 and also larger ones that can serve up to 15-20 people.

Because it is sturdy and non-toxic, a stainless steel kadhai is a great choice for deep frying. It is a fantastic option for both home cooks and chefs because it is simple to maintain and clean.  Additionally, stainless steel kadhais help retain heat more effectively than other materials, resulting in food that is cooked more evenly and absorbs less oil. With all these benefits combined, stainless steel kadhais are the perfect tool for any kitchen.  We know there are many online sites available out there. What’s the wait? Get browsing and look into the online kadhai options, and relish some fried food with your loved ones.

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