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Best Advantages of Casement Windows

Getting a new house in Melbourne? Or maybe you are planning some renovation for a fresh look! Whatever may be the case, you must have browsed at least a dozen architectural and interior designing magazines. If you have done your research right, then you must know that property developers as well as new homeowners select casement windows in Melbourne for several reasons. It is recommended to hire a windows & doors manufacturer in Melbourne for a more customized look. While casement windows are popular, does it mean they are a good choice for your home?

What Exactly Are Casement Windows?

Casement windows have a lateral hinge and swing outward to the left or right, providing for a complete top to bottom air circulation. A casement stay is commonly used to keep casement windows open. Awning windows are hinged at the top, whereas hopper windows are hinged at the bottom.

Advantages of Casement Windows

It can be challenging to find the proper windows for your home with several distinct types available to pick from. However, the window you choose has a great influence on how your home appears and functions, as well as its worth if you ever decide to sell. To make your selection process a little easier, we have accumulated here the benefits they can provide along with a few shortcomings. Make the right choice for a better, fresher home!

Excellent Airflow

This is a fact universally acknowledged that casement windows provide excellent airflow. As opposed to double-hung windows, casement windows, swing outward, allowing them to open completely from top to bottom and side to side. This provides for optimum ventilation via the window.

You can catch breezes more conveniently if you can fully open your windows. This also allows for more airflow to circulate your home. Casement windows in Melbourne would be ideal for you if you prefer to ventilate your home with natural air whenever available. They let in the fresh air whilst blocking unwelcome elements and bugs out when used in conjunction with screens.

Easy to Operate

Whether side or top hung, every casement window is practical and simple to use and operate. Casement windows are extremely simple to operate owing to the application of single-lever latches. Press the lock toggle with the grip lever, twist it 90 degrees, and open as far as necessary. Every window has a frictionless opening and closing system, and the friction hinges we stated previously ensure that the window stays put no matter how far it is opened.

Furthermore, most types can be equipped with automatic openers for added convenience. Pretty handy, right?

Improve Energy Efficiency

Buying or renovating a house isn’t exactly easy or cheap. Most of us need to make small sacrifices for a better home. But with casement windows house, you can save some money as they are energy efficient. If you want to decrease your utility bill and improve energy efficiency, casement windows are a good choice.

They are the most energy-efficient because when they are closed, the sash creates an airtight seal against the window frame, making it difficult for air to get through. All casement windows produced by a professional window and door manufacturer in Melbourne come with an A+ energy efficiency score as standard, exceeding WER (Windows Energy Rating) regulations.

Assortment of Design Features

Whether you are renovating your house or building a new one, casement windows provide an assortment of design features. Wondering how this is beneficial to you? Selecting window types that accent your home’s design aesthetic is one of the most difficult aspects of window installation. With casement windows, you won’t have to fret about such problems because they are available in a range of designs, including French, pushout, and colonial grill, to mention a few.

Better Security

Everyone wants to live in a house that provides them safety and security. While installing security cameras and emergency alarms is a great way to boost your home’s security, casement windows also help. Heritage sash windows are safeguarded from being unlocked or uninstalled from the outside thanks to a multi-point locking mechanism integrated into the framework, secure latches, and internal beading that keeps the glass in position.

Disadvantages of Casement Windows

While casement windows have a fair share of advantages, they also have a few disadvantages. For one, as compared to other window types, casement windows are a little costlier. If you are planning to install window air conditioning, then cross out casement windows as they cannot fit window units.

Furthermore, in some instances, casement windows are unable to have screens or storm windows installed. Because the casement window opens outward, screens and storm windows would obstruct your ability to open the window.

Making your home aesthetically pleasing is everyone’s dream and if along with that comes a bunch of other benefits like enhanced security, better ventilation and more, then the advantages easily outweigh the disadvantages.

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