Best Frameworks for Developing Your Business Idea as an App

Most businesses view applications as a necessary tool to bridge the gaps present between their target audience and the current marketing of their current products or services. With colossal potential in the digital market, getting an app developer to make the perfect app can help an entrepreneur strengthen the bottom line of the business they are running with high hopes.

If you too are an entrepreneur looking for the best course of app development for your business idea, or trying to find the simplest available options for mobile application development, then take a look below to explore the 5 simplest frameworks for developing apps.

1. React Native

For app creation, React Native doesn’t use many online components. Instead, it relies on native components. With the assistance of React and JavaScript, one can successfully create a dual-operating system for both Android and iOS. This approach aims to fix the gap present between online and mobile development.

If you’re not trying to experiment with advanced features in your business app, then this approach is best for you. Businesses can ace the app creation process by creating simple apps and prototypes with this approach. The process costs less and is quick, which makes it a well-suited platform for B2B, filling forms, or anyone trying to do some easy app development.

As it is relatively new, React Native isn’t that rigorous. It continuously undergoes changes and isn’t ready to maximize business capabilities. If you need a high performance app or want heavy animations, this approach might not be the best way to carry out the app development process.

2. Native

Most folks are cognizant of this framework, because it has a long history in the app universe. It consists of two different platforms: for Android – Kotlin / Java; for iOS – Swift / C. For a budding entrepreneur, it is vital to follow the tried and tested path, because it helps them to be assured of their app quality in the least time. Therefore, many consider it a good choice for making apps.

There is little question about the fact that using Native app developers in Australia might be expensive . But if we assess the pros and cons carefully, then we’ll find that this system actually saves tons of time and resources. Businesses must create a robust base for their targeted audience. Customers’ loyalty only comes by delivering an amazing user experience, safety, speed, and other necessary features. Since a Native-made app holds the potential to deliver all those qualities to the user base, it automatically becomes the simplest option for businesses.

Native applications successfully adopt the newly integrated functionalities in any OS. They also display an excellent ability to integrate well with new hardware. So if your business application demands the latest hardware integration, there’s no other option more suitable than Native.

Till now we’ve only talked about the positive part, but it is mandatory to understand the possible problems. Two things which might create difficulties during this approach are the higher app development and maintenance cost, and potential difficulties in updating to the latest versions.

3. Flutter

Flutter is quite a lot like the React-Native combo. For instance, it uses one code base for both iOS and Android. Created by Google, this open-source cross-platform framework is completely free. Futter is a relatively fresh technology, which suggests there are still many chapters in this app development process that are waiting to be explored by entrepreneurs with new ideas.

It has a mountain of potential but there’s always a risk of Google cutting back support. Hence, in industries where the competition is fierce, such risk can create multiple problems in the future. But if you’re looking to develop an application with solid UI and spell-bounding animations then Flutter is the best fit. Again, it is better to explore all the possible drawbacks before jumping on to the conclusion. So here are a number of the restrictions in Flutter that you simply got to know.

UI might not change successfully after updates (both in Android & iOS); it still has a very small app developer community; it does not utilize Native components; it is comparatively unexplored.

4. Hybrid

Applications supported by this framework are also similar to those built using Native. They are easily downloaded and installed on multiple types of devices. These apps are created with the assistance of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML5. Hybrid apps are basically websites packaged into an application container, due to which they appear to mimic a Native-based mobile application.

Some of the disadvantages that the Hybrid framework possesses should be clarified, so here:

Apps cannot function offline; heavy modification may be required due to having to deal with platform inconsistencies; there might be issues that leave one unable to deliver a superb UX.

5. Progressive Web Apps

This framework is gaining tons of recognition within the business world. It can operate on any platform that eschews the use of a standards-compliant browser. PWA is essentially an app that’s created with the assistance of web technologies like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. So, businesses can improve the app by assimilating the user response and deliver an app-like web experience to their target audience. This platform is great for e-commerce, blogging, news portals et al. Basically those that specialize in the text, images, and video. Its performance is basically high due to program optimization. PWA possesses a really high reach and isn’t confined by any sort of hardware – it will run on virtually any internet-enabled electronic device.

If there are advantages, there’ll always be some drawbacks present. In the case of PWA, here are the subsequent limitations: there are comparatively restricted possibilities for innovation, and it might not integrate fully with other (older) applications since it is not a Native platform.


These are the five major frameworks for acing business mobile app development. Comparing their advantages and drawbacks makes it easier to pick the most suitable way to make an app.

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