Best Free Fire Gun Combos

Free Fire has a wide variety of weapons available for players to choose from, and with this wide variety comes the struggle of choice. Picking the right weapon that caters to your playstyle and needs can be difficult, nobody has time to go through all the weapon choices in the game now do they? This is why we are here to help.

Weapons for this game can be obtained through several means: airdrops, bundles, events, or in-game shops. For Free Fire’s in-game shops, Free Fire Diamonds are required but no worries, we got you covered! Make sure to get some Free Fire Diamond Pins for better weapons and a higher chance at winning.

Alright, now let’s get into the article for some of the best gun combos that you can try out in Free Fire. Do note that the opinions in this article only reflect our own. Feel free to form your own.

MP40 + AWM

The MP40 is a submachine gun with a 20-round magazine, 83 rate of fire, 48 damage as well as reload speed. The damage is considered moderate and the only issue lies in the fact that the only attachment you can get for the MP40 is a magazine. This gun is best used for close-range combat due to its low range and accuracy at 22 and 17 respectively. It’s a gun for everyone as it is easy to use and fits any playstyle.

In order to compensate for the MP40, an AWM is the best combination. A reliable sniper rifle for long-range at 91 and high damage at 90, which is the same as its accuracy. Reload speed is rather slow at 34 and the rate of fire is 27. Although you will only be able to fire five shots, for those who prefer to stealthily snipe enemies, it should be enough. There are some attachments you could get to improve on the gun such as a silencer, muzzle, magazine, and scope. 

With these two, you’ll be an all-rounder that can attack from any range with some serious firepower. Note that the AWM can only be found through airdrops by the safe zone edge.

M1887 + XM8

For those who love massive outputs of damage and close-range combat, the M1887 is for you with 100 damage. With a fire rate of 42 and an armor penetration of 54, just one hit will effectively eliminate your enemies. It is fast for a shotgun but you would have to be accurate as it only has a two-round capacity. No worries on that front though as it has a fast reload speed of 55.

The XM8 would be the perfect combination with the M1887 as it is more stable and accurate. This combo would create an astounding amount of firepower that could render a person unstoppable on the battlefield, especially if they’ve mastered the combo. The XM8 boasts 57 damage, 60 rate of fire, 58 accuracy, 25 magazine size and 48 reload speed. The high accuracy is due to its 2x attached scope. The attachments include a silencer, muzzle, magazine, and stock.

When put together, you get a powerful combo for players who enjoy a high damage output.

M60 + P90

For a high AOE damage, M60 is probably the best for you to spray enemies with. With a 60 round magazine, 56 damage, 48 reload speed, and 43 accuracy; this gun is best for mid-range attacks. Due to its large magazine size and the ability to attach a magazine, this gun leaves some room for error if you have bad aim, or are generally distracted and can’t aim.

To add to the M60’s high AOE damage and magazine size, the P90 is a good combo. With a magazine size of 50 and added magazine attachment, you have more room for error. However, with an accuracy of 44 and added scope attachment, you probably don’t have to worry much. Add in the stock attachment and you have a high-powered mid-range weapon.

This combo is for those who enjoy mid-range weapons that could pack a punch with some AOE damage. Not to mention, a good room for error for those who are not familiar with the game or are just bad at aiming.


The GROZA is one of the most favored weapons in the game as it has the damage of an assault rifle but can be treated like an SMG. With 61 damage, 56 rate of fire, 54 accuracy, 75 range, and 48 reload speed; you could do some short-mid range damage. There are some attachments you could add to the gun which include a foregrip, muzzle, magazine, scope, and silencer.

The MAG-7 has a high damage output at 89, 53 rate of fire, 55 reload speed but low accuracy at 10, and a magazine size of 8. The foregrip attachment helps with the accuracy problem and the stock attachment helps boost the mediocre range of 15.

As a combination, the GROZA and MAG-7 together both have a huge fire rate. This would be the best combination for agile players who enjoy quick-fire shots or spraying their enemies with no remorse.


The KAR98K is best for those who enjoy staying away from people and killing them from a long-range. Although it has a magazine size of 5, the gun makes up for it in every other aspect. With a damage and accuracy of 90 as well as a range of 84; this gun packs a punch. There are two attachments that could be used – a muzzle and a silencer for a stealthy killer shot. In addition to that, the movement speed is 65 so players can pack it up pretty quickly and get to running.

We’ve talked about the AWM above, so you can note that these two guns combined would be a deadly long-range combo. It also makes sense that the magazine size is small, or else this would be an overpowering combination.

M500 + SCAR

The M500 is for those who enjoy using pistols at longer ranges. Most handguns require you to be up close and personal with your enemies but the M500 has a built-in scope that solves the issue for you. It is also the only handgun that comes equipped with a scope. With a damage of 67, reload speed of 69, range of 76, and accuracy of 10, it is clear that players would really need to put that scope to use to get the best out of the gun. There are also muzzle and silencer attachments for the sneaky players. 

The SCAR is one of the best guns for beginners to use as it is a well-balanced assault rifle. The gun has a damage of 53, range of 60, reload speed of 41, magazine size of 30, and accuracy of 42. Attachments include a silencer, muzzle, foregrip, magazine, and scope. These attachments could further enhance the qualities of this well-balanced long-range gun.

When combined, these two provide a good beginner-level long-range power for those who are still trying to figure out their preferred weapons or playstyle.

Sum Up

Well, different gun combinations could really make or break the game for you, so be sure to pick whatever resonates or figure out your own combinations. It’s a fun experience to figure out what you’re comfortable with and a rewarding experience to win a game with combinations you put together yourself! There are also in-game skins that could change the ability and stats of a weapon that you could buy in the store, so make note of that.

Do let us know if you have your own set of gun combinations, or if you’re down to trying out some of the combinations we’ve mentioned in the comments below! Read more about: pagalworld


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