Binance Bitcoin Exchange CEO Kidnapped in Moscow

French bitcoin exchange executive Yury Mayorov was kidnapped in Moscow and robbed of $20,000, 300 bitcoins, three iPhones and his identity card. He has not been found yet, and the investigation is ongoing. The prosecutor’s office is investigating the case.

Yury Mayorov was robbed of $20,000

Yury Mayorov was robbed in Moscow on February 23, where he was attempting to exchange US dollars for a trip to India. The robbers also took his two iPhones, a laptop, and a wallet containing $300 BTC. The incident was reported by a local news outlet and the Telegram Mash group. Authorities are investigating.

The crypto developer was beaten and forced to take an unknown pill after consuming vodka. The robbers were reportedly accompanied by two others planning to steal the cryptocurrency. The robbers reportedly called themselves “offline miners,” but it was not immediately clear if they were acting alone or if they were acting in concert.

300 bitcoins

A few weeks ago, the CEO of the Binance kidnap bitcoin exchange in France was kidnapped in Moscow. The incident triggered an upsurge in crypto fundraising. According to blockchain data, his supporters donated more than 670 bitcoin to him. This would be the equivalent of almost $28 million. The Russian government’s financial intelligence department, known as Rosfin, is investigating the disappearance. It wants to identify the donors of millions of dollars of bitcoin raised by jailed Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny. According to Navalny, the donations were intended to expose corruption in the Russian government.

The investigation into Zhao’s disappearance has been ongoing for some time. It is unknown what led to the kidnapping. However, an internal chat group of Binance employees revealed that the CEO’s identity was stolen from a hacker. The hackers used an email address based on a famous but misspelt name. They could get past the security check by using a virtual private network.

Three iPhones

The Binance bitcoin exchange CEO of France was recently kidnapped in Moscow. The kidnapping has caused a flurry of media attention and is a massive blow to the company. It has been accused of failing to protect its clients from hackers and money laundering and working with Russian authorities to regulate cryptocurrency. However, this claim is disputed. In a statement, Binance said the kidnapping was unrelated to its activities.

Despite these claims, Binance has continued to operate in Russia and has refused to stop servicing major Russian clients. It has also denied requesting that Russian citizens be banned from using its services. The company has also resisted the requests of PayPal and American Express to suspend their services in Russia.

His identity card

The Binance bitcoin exchange CEO was kidnapped in Moscow, Russia, on March 16. He was a French national and had recently donated $10 million to the humanitarian effort in Ukraine. It’s unclear why he was targeted, but police officials said the exchange had a growing customer base, including criminal organizations. The kidnapping is a blow for Binance, which has denied working with Rosfin or sending money to Russia.

The investigation is ongoing, but authorities believe the Frenchman was abducted because of his wealth and ill-gotten bitcoins. The money trail was long and complicated, and authorities tracked it through multiple bank accounts to the U.S.-based Kraken. Both exchanges provided account records, but many of the details they held were fake or stolen from victims. The investigation is ongoing, and the authorities are trying to identify the real culprit.

Hydra payments

The CEO of the French bitcoin exchange Binance was recently kidnapped in Moscow. While his kidnappers could not find him, they seized his company’s records. The company had exposed a significant amount of dirty money, including money from foreign governments and criminal organizations. However, the company has implemented many measures to combat money laundering and uncovered the activities of some of its users.

The company had planned to expand to Russia, describing it as a significant market because of the “hyperactive” crypto community. According to Reuters, the company had built contacts with Russian government agencies and had become the primary payment provider for the giant darknet market Hydra.

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