Bring on The Vintage Vibe – Three 50s Hairstyles to Rock with Hair Rollers

The 50s was the time of iconic fashion. From pencil skirts to capri pants, the decade witnessed the emergence of some of the most celebrated fashion trends that continue to be popular till date. But aside from apparel, if there was something that reflected the energy of this era, it was the hairstyles that complemented new look fashion. The first half of the 50s was all about short, loose hair that was much more practical than what the preceding decades witnessed. While women still spent time styling their hair.

The other half of the decade welcomed longer hair. Layering and texturizing also became popular and women were often spotted in bangs and fringes. But one thing that remained in trend throughout this fashion-forward era was curled hair.

If you’re someone who loves the vintage aesthetic and wishes to incorporate elements from the 50s fashion into your look, you can try curling your hair and rocking some stunning hairstyles. Here we talk about a few vintage-inspired hairstyles that you create with hair rollers and bring on the 50s vibe.

Image Source: Shuttertock

Curly Bobs

‘The bob’ is a hugely popular hairstyle of the 50s. Many well-known personalities of that decade have sported this hairstyle at various events. But what took the bob and transformed it into a style that became a party-favourite was curls. Curly bobs were and still are an excellent party hairstyle that is symbolic to vintage sophistication. Day or night, it’s almost impossible to go wrong with this hairstyle.

To get this look, pick narrow hair rollers and wrap the entire length of your hair around them. Spritz some water and leave the hair style rollers intact for 4-5 hours or keep them overnight. The narrow width of rollers will ensure tighter curls and make your hair appear shorter, giving it the desired look of a bob.

Iconic Bouffant Hair

Bouffant hair is one of the most iconic 50s inspired hairstyles which was all about luscious waves and backcombed hair that made it look fuller and denser. While this became popular towards the latter half of the 1950s, it surely took the world by a storm when it did.

If you, too, wish to rock this hairstyle, all you need to do is curl your crown section using hair rollers. Also curl the rest of your hair halfway through. Leave the hair style rollers in place for a few hours and set the look with hairspray.

Side Swept Waves

Most iconic 50s hairstyles covered a major part of the forehead – through bands, fringes or deep partings. Side-swept, wavy hair was one of the most popular hairstyles of the time and women of all ages were seen flaunting this look. Silky, bouncy waves along with a deep side part made for a universally flattering hairstyle that complimented the striking energy of the 50s.

This hairstyle continues to be popular even today, and many celebrities are seen sporting this look at various red-carpet events and award shows All you need to do is a deep side part and curl three-fourth of your hair length using hair style rollers. Leave the hair rollers overnight. Set your hairstyle with a mousse for that glamorous look.

All these hairstyles are still in vogue and you can sport them whenever you wish to channel your inner vintage diva. All you need to create these hairstyles you just need a few hair style rollers. Hair rollers are the perfect way to style your hair without any heat and give you naturally bouncy curls. Many new-age brands like VEGA offer excellent hair rollers that you can use to style your hair every day. So, head to their website and get this terrific hairstyling tool today!

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