Can I take the ITIL exam without training?

Several people in the IT industry are familiar with the ITIL Foundation certification, ITIL Practitioner certifications, and other assignments that they may complete with ITIL certification training. The ITIL Foundation certification is the most widely accepted credential in the IT service management field. Working professionals may find it challenging to find the time to study ITIL Foundation, making it challenging to obtain the ITIL Foundation certification. Let’s have a glance at the ITIL exam guide.

What is ITIL?

ITIL is a widely accepted set of guidelines for delivering IT administrations more efficiently and effectively. Among other things, this includes ITIL change management, delivery management, issue resolution, and reporting. As a result of ITIL’s focus on the total cost of ownership (TCO), you can save money on IT investments. ITIL is an excellent tool for taking on new projects because of its vast scope and flexibility.

Why do you need the ITIL certification?

As a “framework,” ITIL is supposed to balance theoretical and business requirements. From retail to banking to entertainment to technology to life science, many companies can benefit from it. Based on the size and structure of a company, ITIL can become a strategic asset to the business it serves, lowering costs, allocating resources, and increasing customer satisfaction.

ITIL Certification in Wellington will make you a sought-after professional. It will help you learn the ITIL terminology spoken by IT pros worldwide, and it will raise your profile in the industry. Instead of relying on a strict set of rules, ITIL allows you to apply your common sense to create a framework for managing IT services that are both adaptive and flexible.

Since 2013, ITIL has been overseen by Axelos. It is possible to take an ITIL certification exam at the end of an instructional class or by an EI (Examination Institute), several of which work directly with Accredited Training Organizations. Several ITIL ATOs are available to give training.

ITIL certification levels

  1. ITIL certifications come in five levels:
  2. ITIL Foundation
  3. ITIL Practitioner
  4. ITIL Intermediate
  5. ITIL Expert
  6. ITIL Master

ITIL uses a credit scheme for the Foundation through Expert levels in which each certification is awarded a certain amount of credits. Finally, ITIL Expert certification requires a total of 22 credits. ITIL Master has a set of prerequisites that you must meet.

Many people begin their ITIL career with Foundation certification, which focuses primarily on the fundamentals. No prerequisites are required for this exam. People having an interest in IT can sit for this certification exam. There are many ways to prepare for an ITIL Foundation certification exam, including homeschooling and distance learning. For the Foundations exam, you are not required to attend a training session before taking the test. With a 65 per cent passing grade, the Foundation exam consists of 40 multiple-choice questions (MCQs).

As a result, an IT professional who completes the ITIL Foundation certification may not be eligible for administrative management jobs until they have completed the Practitioner or Intermediate certificates in the ITIL service lifecycle.

Study guide for the ITIL certification exam

To pass the ITIL certification exam, you need to know the exam concepts. Still, you also need to know the exam pattern. Because of this, let’s see this step-by-step instruction. This ITIL Foundation exam study guide is designed to help you succeed if you follow it precisely as it is.

  1. The first step is to do a background check: Every aspect of the exam, including the syllabus, must be kept up to date at all times. Begin your preparations by doing your homework first. As a result, you will be prepared for the ITIL test.
  2. As a second step, download the candidate guidebook: The next step is to download the AXELOS guidebook, which you may find on the company’s website. As soon as you’ve downloaded the guide, you’ll have complete access to all the exam specifics. Additionally, you’ll receive the exam syllabus, which includes the entire list of questions. It will guarantee that you’ve covered all of the exam’s topics and subtopics throughout your preparation.
  3. Enrol in a course online: Remember that this is a certification exam, not a high school exam that you can easily pass by studying for a few hours before the test. You’re going to need assistance at some point. So, engage in an ITIL Foundation course for that. Ensure to have daily preparation. It will also help as evidence of your academic rigour. You can also avail a video-based online course. Make sure you choose an online course that is right for you.
  4. Gather study materials: Everyone is familiar with the study notes. You can also get study guides on the internet. You can gain a more profound knowledge of the subject by studying this. Make a list of all the essential concepts and terms before you begin. As a result, you’ll be able to quickly access a wide range of study notes in the future.
  5. Become a member of a community: There are still some questions once you’ve gone over your notes and online course materials. There are several online portals to get answers to your questions. Candidates who share their journey will be easy to connect with because they are in the same boat as you. It’s a win-win situation when you help others in the same way. As a result, your abilities will be honed further.
  6. Practice well: ITIL certification exams require much practice, which is true for every certification exam. As a result, make sure to practice as frequently as possible. There are ITIL Foundation Practice exams available if you need them.

Final words

According to experts, passing the ITIL test isn’t too difficult if you put in the right effort. While this is true, if you don’t put in enough effort or use the right ITIL certification exam resources, you may not get the results you want. If you take the ITIL Foundation certification exam, you have likely had some experience with the ITIL framework in an organizational context. Note that many questions are answerable with simple common sense.

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