Carry it Anywhere for a Perfect 30 Minute Calorie Burnout Session

Simply Lie in your Bed and Feel the Heat & Sweat Rolling Over

Here it is, the latest from the world of health & lifestyle for all you workout freaks and calorie conscious individuals, in the US. This is one great product brought to you by “LevelUp Sauna” for all those health conscious guys that want to slim the natural way in a sauna, without actually stepping into a real sauna parlor or sauna room. Sounds interesting right! It indeed is. This advanced infrared sauna blanket works exactly in the same way, as a real sauna at any luxury hotel or club does. You can ask any Nordic guy who has used this product, and he/she would share the same experience, as they are more used to saunas and steam baths than any other nationality. I’m talking about the Finnish, Swedish & Norwegian guys.

Well, this sauna blanket is now the hot favorite among celebrities, athletes and elites that prefer shedding those extra calories & weight, by being at their home or hotel, without actually having to set foot in a sauna resort. And, this product perfectly serves their requirements. It is a 100% natural way of de-stressing, slimming and burning calories that you’ve gained over the week. No need for oral supplements, slimming pills, fat busting creams or a sauna club membership fees that could run into a few thousands of dollars. This infrared sauna blanket works perfectly well in detoxifying your body, relieving you from stress & anxiety and helps in a sound sleep. This is how a majority of US elites and celebrities are on the healthier side, by having one such portable infrared sauna system that can be carried anywhere, packed into a stylish sauna box.

Transform your Body, Feel Energetic and Live a Stress-Free Life

Now you can think of burning hundreds of calories in just 30 minutes flat. It’s no exaggeration; all hard facts. One such ‘carry anywhere’ sauna blanket is scientifically researched, clinically proven and a tested product, with NO side effects. With the arrival of this product, all health freaks and celebrities are now finding it a great way to enjoy the real feeling of a Nordic influenced sauna, right at their home, and that too by laying in their bed, without having be seated on wooden planks or stone, with engulfing fog around in a dimly lit room, as in a ‘classic’ sauna parlor. Enjoy every minute of the therapeutic session under an infrared blanket that heats you up and makes you sweat like a real sauna. The experience is overwhelming.

This sauna blanket helps burn 300-600 calories in a single session, improves oxygen circulation, releases body toxins, improves sleep, reduces stress & anxiety and muscle tension by releasing soothing Endorphins, by naturally heating up the body. Now you can get to burn as many calories, as a jogging or a physical workout session does. It cannot be any better!

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