Choosing a coworking space in Singapore

There are now a  large number of professionals and startups in Singapore. While they save time and money in commuting, they often feel isolated and miss the networking. Also, many people do not want to give their home address as a business address due to the loss of privacy. Hence they are looking for a co-working space which they can use as a business address, which has the facilities they require for working at an affordable rate. Some of the tips for choosing a coworking space in Singapore based on the type of business are provided below.

Business profile

One of the main considerations for choosing the co-working space is the profile of the business. There are many professionals who are usually working from home or visiting their customers. They only require a business address for receiving their mail. In these cases, they can opt for the basic plan, where they can use the coworking space address as their mailing address and also work from the co-working space on one day every month during business hours. This is the cheapest option available, costing less than $100 monthly, for professionals and startups who have less funds, while allowing them to interact with others.

In other cases, some professionals do not want to rent an office since the rental charges are high, and they also do not have the resources for office management and housekeeping. In these cases, co-working spaces are suitable, since housekeeping, security, IT support and mail handling facilities are provided. The rates for unlimited use of the desk at the coworking space which the professional can use are usually far less than a rented office. In case of businesses with some employees they can hire a cabin, with desks and seating arrangements for all the employees .


Usually it is better to use a coworking space which is centrally located in Singapore, since having a central business district (CBD) office address will create the right impression on the client or business associate. One of the main reasons why professionals choose a  coworking space is because of the mail handling facility and the office address in the CBD. Many times, professionals are not in their office or home since they are meeting clients or vendors. The customer can also use the printing, scanning, photocopying facilities at the co-working office, with fees depending on usage. The desks and chairs provided are ergonomically designed for greater comfort. Free WiFi and IT support is also provided. Meeting rooms can also be hired if required.

Housekeeping, Security

Another reason why many professionals prefer to use the coworking office space is that it has a dedicated housekeeping staff who will ensure that the office is clean and well maintained. The office is periodically cleaned using vacuum cleaners and mops to ensure that there is no dust or dirt. Additionally a security guard is present to prevent unauthorized access to the office, and members are usually given swipe cards for accessing the office area. Free water, tea and coffee is usually provided, though additional fees may be charged for snacks.

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