Choosing the Right Moving Head Beam for Your Application

There are three basic types of moving head fixtures: Spot, Wash, and Beam. These lighting systems have the advantage of being able to switch between light sources, allowing the users to use the beam in different directions. However, they are much more expensive than Spot or Wash fixtures, and can only replace one fixture. Choosing the right type of moving head for your application depends on the type of light source you want to use. You can also know about Yellow River lighting.

While the beam of light may seem like

The only difference between a spotlight and a moving head, it’s actually just one of many features that make this lighting device unique. The bright beams of light that they cast are a great benefit to stage lighting. This kind of light is perfect for large-scale stage shows and concerts. The moving head beam is an essential component of a lighting system and should be used carefully. For maximum performance, the lighting should be properly calibrated and the controller should be matched to the model that came with the headlight.

If your headlight bulb is malfunctioning, you should replace it. A faulty moving head light bulb can affect other parts of the headlight. To ensure that you choose a replacement light bulb, you must disconnect the power source. You should also make sure that your power supply meets local electrical standards. Check the overload protection function and ground the switch. Moreover, it’s important that the new moving head light bulb matches the model of the original one.

The moving head light is a great choice for indoor stage lighting

It can be set to a variety of gobos, and can be adjusted with the music. While it’s more expensive than par lights, its flexibility and durability makes it an essential piece for any lighting design. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for a moving head light, you’ll probably find one that’s smaller and more convenient. You’ll be glad you did!

The moving head light is usually a strobe that moves from left to right. It has a fixed beam that moves in multiple directions. The softer beam of the Spot is a good option for high studios. You can even program multiple spots to move together in synchronized formations. Then, the second type of moving head light is the Wash. A wash light has a very low beam and is typically used in large theatres.

Another type of moving head light is the BEAM

This portable moving head light produces a line-by-line beam that does not scatter over long distances. The BEAM can be used for other types of lighting, including outdoor events. Additionally, the BEAM can be a great companion to gobos or creative display patterns. It is also portable, which makes it a great choice for stage and video applications. The Proteus Beam has a unique “search light” effect that can be produced with other kinds of lighting.

The BEAM is an excellent choice for both outdoor and indoor applications. This portable light is lightweight and portable and projects a narrow, razor-edged beam of light. Its sharp edged beam does not scatter over long distances and has a unique “Search Light” effect. Its multiple functions make it a great choice for outdoor events, and is a great addition to any set up. With the Proteus, you can create the illusion of depth and space with the help of gobos.

BEAM choice outdoor shows

The BEAM is a portable moving head light that generates a razor-edged beam of light. The beam is designed to create a unique “search light” effect, and a BEAM can be positioned anywhere on a stage, in a theater, or even outdoors. It can also shift around its axis, which makes it a versatile lighting device. And because of its small size, the BEAM is an ideal choice for outdoor shows.


The BEAM is one of the most versatile moving head lights available. With its programmable controls, it can change colors, patterns, and lighting effects. The Proteus Beam also offers a high level of flexibility and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor events. For stage shows and theatres, it can be used to light stage sets, fashion shows, and concerts. Its versatility makes it a popular choice for stage shows and events in all types of locations.

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