Clay pigeon shooting and its evolution over all these years. 

Clay pigeon shooting is a popular sport that stimulates the flying pigeon as the moving target. The shooter has to hit the target as fast as possible when it has been pumped out of the target stimulating machine.

The stimulated target is usually orange in color. The bright orange color helps the shooter to spot the target easily for quick shooting. The person shooting the target is given shooting goggles and his gun. Once the bullet is triggered out of the weapon, it should hit the target is the basic rule of this game. For more detail, browse

Requirement for Clay shooting

  • Clay shooting requires a lot of concentration and patience. A clumsy and restless mind cannot concentrate properly; hence, the chances of hitting the target become low. Attention should be achieved first before trying hands in this game. Many shooters practice meditation before the match to stable their minds to show their best performance.
  • Clay shooting demands a balance between the mind and brain. The actions and reflexes should be quicker to hit the target in time. Timing is everything for this game. If timing is not maintained, then the target is lost. The balance between the mind and brain is achieved after much practice and patience.
  • Shooters used to hit the real flying pigeons. It was tough to shoot the flying pigeon because it kept moving continuously with speed, and the actions could not be tracked easily. But this game was declared illegal over the years because it harmed bird life. It is illegal in India to shoot any bird now and is a severe offense.

As shooting the real pigeon was illegal, this game lost its liveliness. Hence, clay pigeon stimulators were used to keep the vitality of this game. The clay pigeons were triggered by the machines or humans throwing them high up in the sky at fast speed. The shooter has to shoot the target before it falls on the ground; otherwise, it would be called target missed.

For any shooter, the joy of hitting the target is unmatched. After hitting the target right, the shooter achieves a sense of pride and fulfilment. This game increases concentration and creates a feeling of completing any target in life. A lot of patience, practice and hard work are required to play gracefully at this game.

Many shooting clubs offer membership to people to play this game as a hobby. This game is also not gendered biased because there is no physical requirement. Everyone is the same for this game. The only criteria required are passion, liking, and attitude to develop for this game.


Clay shooting has evolved over all these years from a real pigeon to a stimulated pigeon. This game is loved by all age groups and is safe for everyone to play. Players also achieve many Guinness book records in this shooting game within the time limit. Let us always keep loving the significance of this game.

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