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Here you will find the best coloring pages. Clicking on each image below will take you to a different category containing a set of similar designs. In addition to the loose Coloring pages, we have created little booklets containing coloring pages from similar categories.

What are the benefits for your kids of coloring pages?

Coloring stimulates children’s learning, communication and creativity, also helping to reduce stress and anxiety. In an increasingly digitized world, children grow up adept at technology, often leaving aside manual activities. Painting Coloring pages ends up being an escape strategy from the virtual world. In addition, printing Coloring pages to color and paint with your child, allows parents a moment of absolute presence beside their child.
Download and print coloring pages free for children at Disegni da colorare e stampare

What are the goals of the page?

This page is intended to provide quality Coloring pages, so that you and your family can have fun coloring. We developed this page realizing how difficult it was to find large, quality designs to print. On this site you will find several categories for coloring, as well as activities and booklets. I recommend that you add this site to your favorites, and whenever you want to print coloring pages, have the option in just one click.

The new fashion is the famous coloring pages . What used to be fun for kids (who didn’t have those little coloring books as a child?), has now also become an adult’s toy. In fact, coloring books are more than a joke. Books with Coloring pages for adults were created for a very common thing in the life of every grown man/woman: stress. Check out this post with many images to color and print , all free!

Coloring books are back in fashion to help those with one of the biggest problems of the last century, and are becoming a favorite pastime of young adults.

SUPER HEROES Coloring Pages

One of the best ( if not the best ) superhero, unlike most superheroes, Batman doesn’t have superpowers; makes use of his genius intellect, martial arts expertise, physical prowess, detective skills, science and technology, wealth, provocation to fear and intimidation and an indomitable will in his continuous warfare against crime. See below the design of Batman to print

Wonder Woman Coloring Pages

Trained from an early age to be an unbeatable warrior, Diana Prince never left the paradise island where she is recognized as a princess of the Amazon, she became synonymous with a powerful woman and one of the most powerful advocates of peace and equality, was sent into the “world of men” to propagate peace, being the defender of truth and life in the struggle between men and the firmament, between mortals and the gods. See below the Coloring pages of the wonder woman to paint

Spider man Coloring Pages

Spiderman da Colorare 21 Spiderman da Colorare 20 Spiderman da Colorare 19 Spiderman da Colorare 16

Great option for coloring and loved by many, is Spider Man! The creators gave him super strength and agility, the ability to stick to most surfaces, the ability to shoot spider webs through wrist-mounted mechanisms (invented by himself, which he calls web-thrower) and it succeeds. react precognitively to danger with its “spider-sense”. His powers were acquired after being bitten by a radioactive spider. See below for the Spider Man Coloring pages to color

IRON MAN Coloring Pages

Tony Stark is a billionaire industrialist and brilliant inventor who conducts war tests abroad, but is kidnapped by terrorists who force him to build a devastating weapon. Instead, he builds armored armor and confronts his kidnappers. Upon returning to the US, Stark upgrades the armor and uses it to fight crime. Download Iron Man coloring page below . Tip: Use of colors; Red and gold.

Hulk Coloring Pages

In the original comic book story, the Hulk is a wild and powerful alter ego of Dr. Robert Bruce Banner, a scientist who was hit by gamma rays while saving a teenager during military testing of a bomb he developed. Click to download Hulk to Print and Color.

PRINCESSES Coloring Pages

Elsa, princess of a small Norwegian kingdom called Arendelle, was born with magical powers with which she is able to create ice, frost and snow.

Mulan Coloring Pages

A young woman who, unbeknownst to her family, disguises herself as a man and enlists in the army in her father’s place, and spends a few years there, facing all kinds of difficulties, until she returns to her city, sparing the life of her father, Mulan is praised by the Emperor and the townspeople gathered in the city, who bow to her in her honor.

Cinderella ?

Cinderella is one of the most popular fairy tales , she was a merchant’s daughter, one day her father died, her stepmother and two daughters made Cinderella a maid, where she didn’t live happily, until the day the prince at a ball chose her from among several and so they lived happily ever after.

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