Combining techniques and methods for doing Online business to be successful

Previously, we have been familiar with a brief concept of doing business online. That is to do business Buy-sell products and services via the Internet with a website as a medium for doing business the business model is very flexible. There is no need to set up an office at all. If entrepreneurs are still not sure how to start an online business, there are 5 simple online business principles as follows:

1.) A business that can sell is a business that solves problems for customers

 The principle of doing business is simple: to find market demands to meet. By noting what problems in the daily life of the customers and which products or services will be able to solve those problems for customers An obvious example is “ Uber ”, a ride- hailing company that started with the idea of ​​solving the problem of hailing a taxi. Or people who want to start an online selling business can also bring ideas on solving problems as a business approach as well. But I’m afraid of getting fat because of the oil in the fried food. We can also create a business to import or distribute oil-free fryers, for example. You can do business with File archive; you will spread your business in whole world. You should visit there for business ideas. You will make your social media business platform through this helpful business tips.

2.)  Create a “storefront” or website on the online world.

  Once we have established a business, whether it is selling products or providing services, the next thing to do is to create an online presence for the business on the internet. This is like building a storefront for customers to come in and buy and sell products and services with our business. It could be a business website or a Fan page on various platforms including Social Media and Marketplace platforms. It would be best to explain the business clearly what our business is or what it sells. But building a storefront just waiting for customers can be useless if in the end customers don’t even know that our business exists online. Therefore, the key tool to make our business known is to do “Online Marketing”

3.) Marketing or “Online Marketing”

 Online marketing is marketing activities on online media to achieve business objectives such as making our products or business known or increasing sales etc. For the online marketing process this can be done in a number of ways. The highly popular method is to “Shoot adds online” or advertises our business on various online channels such as Facebook, LINE OA, or Google Ads Another method that is becoming a trend nowadays. Is influencer marketing, which is for people who have a lot of followers in the social world to talk about or review our products, etc.? A very interesting case study is “Perfume Buffet”, a perfume shop on Facebook which in the beginning was not known to customers at all

4.) Build relationship with customers

If you want to be successful in business calling customers to come to you alone is definitely not enough. How we can do business with sustainable success. Entrepreneurs must also pay attention to building relationships with customers because every customer is equally important in bringing your business to its goals. Whether it’s an old customer or a new customer for new customers Businesses may build relationships with customers by creating a good first impression, such as chatting, answering questions, and helping customers with courteous and friendly service. Although he did not come to be our customer today But the first impression can cause word-of-mouth and create a good brand image. At the same time, never neglecting old customers Businesses may build relationships with existing customers by Store each customer’s information in a database. Who has bought anything, when and how, later can use this information to recommend new products and services. to customers Or creating a loyalty card or giving special privileges for members to make customers feel special and come back to use the service from the business.

5.) Maintain your online reputation

 How to do business online to be successful, this last point is just as important as the others, because doing business online, everything, and everything happens very quickly. Certain events can make a brand a success overnight. On the other hand, a brand that we’ve built for many years can fail in the blink of an eye as well. Therefore, maintaining an online reputation is very important. Businesses need to be extremely cautious in using their words and marketing campaigns to address issues that may be particularly sensitive. Especially political issues, beliefs, gender, ethnicity, skin color, etc., or even create a slight dissatisfaction with customers if there is some conflict. Business owners must not be complacent. And hurry to deal with that issue as soon as the customer receives a defective product. or the wrong delivery occurred. Although it may seem like a small matter but business owners should be quick to take responsibility and take care of any problems that arise. Before the occurrence of erysipelas finally, these 5 techniques for doing business online will help the business to be more or less successful depending on the creative and correct application. As for any entrepreneur who has been successful in business, expanding business, there are many distribution channels looking for a way to help your business run smoothly and systematically then deposit god’s punishment.  An online store management system that connects to all sales channels, transportation systems, warehouse systems and a comprehensive accounting system is another one to help your business grow with stability and strength.  Keep good customer information.  It will help to plan marketing and produce products that meet the target group easier. Communicate must satisfy the content or content that will be communicated to customers in online channels.

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