Common Generator Problems in 2022 & How to Fix Them

Generators provide power in a multitude of settings. However, their problems can be crippling when in use. Let’s dive into the most common generator maintenance problems and how you can fix them.

Reasons Why Your Generator Fails To Start

Several generator issues won’t require you to call a technician. It’s simple enough to identify the problem and solve it, saving you time and money. Here are common generator problems along with their potential causes and how to fix them:

Bad Spark Plugs

When your generator doesn’t start at ignition, replacing the spark plugs is recommended. They might have become loose or broken off completely from the wire.

In such cases, contact a local hardware or generator appliance service. They can help you find the best replacement spark plugs that fit your generator model number.

Not Enough Power Output

Clogged air filters result in the generator not producing enough power. Changing the filter will restore the power output to normal levels again.

Faulty Battery

A faulty battery prevents your generator from starting up or turning off at ignition. Experts recommend measuring its voltage output to determine whether it is functional. Regular cleaning and maintenance checks will help strengthen the battery.

Bad Fuel Pump

A damaged fuel pump is mostly caused by fuel system problems. This problem arises because of things like cracked hoses and loose fittings in the fuel system. Restore the worn-out parts to help the system regain proper functioning again.

Stalling of the Engine After Ignition

Stalling is one of the most frustrating problems for generator owners. This problem generally happens when the engine stops running while the generator is operating.

Let the engine and the generator cool down before using them again. Try cleaning the spark plug with a wire brush and replacing your generator’s air filter and oil.

Low Fuel Level

The generator is sensitive to low fuel levels, so keep it topped up — otherwise, the machine won’t start. It’s good to fill up your fuel tank before the regulator announces a price hike. If there’s a lot of fuel in the tank to keep the generator running, it will shut down within a couple of minutes.

Check the fuel level in the tank before you try to start up your generator. If you’re using gasoline, make sure it’s fresh. Replace the stale fuel if it has been sitting for more than six months.

Lack of Maintenance

If the generator is not working and you have not performed regular maintenance, then a lack of maintenance could be the problem.

There are many reasons why your generator may not be working. Lack of regular servicing could be a key problem to its failure. Ensure you perform regular generator maintenance checks and work with professionals to fix the issue.

Generator Maintenance Tips

Generators, like all machinery, need regular checkups and maintenance to run without fail. With proper care and training, a generator can last for many years.

To keep your generator in good shape, use these simple maintenance tips:

  • Check the oil level before use and change it to prevent it from becoming stale.
  • Receive regular checks by technicians.
  • Keep the air filter clean.
  • Ensure spark plugs are clean and air-tight on the spark plug hole.

Get Generator Expert Services

If you are a generator owner, you now know the troubleshooting areas should it fail to work and how to fix them.

If taking none of these steps works, then you will require professional services. Work with a company that can address turnkey installation, electrical and gas installation, and permitting. Such dedicated experts will help you repair and restore your generator to its original state.

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