Concept of Charity In Islam


Charity is one the most beautiful thing in Islam, as according to Muslims, charity is the way to increase your money. Muslims believe that if they donate anything to charity, Allah will return them more money. You can also donate using Muslim charities UK.

In the word meaning, we can describe charity as the amount of money or any other thing that we donate to any individual or center for their better life is called charity. It has many forms we can give this money also to travelers who don’t have money because this also comes in the concept of charity.

We can guess its importance from many hadith as our beloved prophet Hazrat Muhamad PBUH has described the importance of charity at many of their talks.

The believer’s shade on the Day of Resurrection will be his charity.” [Tirmidhi]

To help others and to care for someone’s is a great part of Islam, as we read in Qur’an at many places that helping needy people, orphans, relatives, and travelers, spending in the way of Allah. All these things clearly define the importance of charity in Islam.

Our beloved prophet Hazrat Muhammad PBUH said many times about affection and brotherhood.

You will not believe until you love for your brother as you love for yourself.

If a Muslim feels the pain of her fellow human being and wishes him the same things comfort as he wishes for herself, this is a natural charity reaction.

This means that if we take care of the week, we spend our money on them. Then Allah will become happy and give us more blessings and wealth, so we should help needy and poor people to get spiritual satisfaction.

Charity Forms 

Now we are going to tell you the things where you can spend your money as charity. These days it is a challenging task to find people for charity because there are many beggars that claim that they are eligible for charity. But in fact, they are professional beggars, so be aware before giving your wealth to these fraudulent people.


Zakat is the most critical and fourth pillar of Islam, and it is a sufficient amount of money that we give needy and poor people at the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan. It also comes in charity because we can provide this amount to any old homes center or any other orphans center. Zakat is the compulsory thing that we have to give to the poor if we have the amount of money described in the holy Quran. If we have 7.5 tola gold or 52.5 tolas silver or the same amount of money, we have to give a 2.5% amount of money.


The is a fundamental concept about charity in Islam; anyone who has some money and wants to spend on Allah’s way can give sadaqah to needy and poor people. There is no limit to cash like in Zakat. We can provide sadaqah if you have a small amount of money. There are also some other types of sadaqah.

  • Sadaqah fitr
  • Nadhr 
  • Kaffarah
  • Fidyah
  • Udhiyah

Water for Life

We can provide purified water at places with no good water, and people travel for long to get water. This wonderful thing in Islam to provide safe and sound moisture to people. This process has many blessings from Allah to give water and food to the needy and poor people.

Orphan Care

We can also give our money to orphan care centers to live a good life. As our beloved prophet said that anyone who cares for an orphan would be her neighbor at Jannah. So we should care for orphans and provide them a good lifestyle as we want for our children.

The Benefits of Giving Charity

  • There are many benefits of giving charity. Here we discuss some of them; charity is an act for distributing money to these people living a poverty lifestyle. 
  • It will decrease our love for money and make love in our hearts for poor people.
  • It will create an equal atmosphere in the environment as if we give charity with time the needy people buy their necessary things.
  • It helps needy people and enhances the blessings of Allah for those who give charity.

Final Verdicts

Islam is one of the best religions globally, which always takes care of needy people either in the name of charity or any other helps the poor or needy people need. Many organizations are working for charity on national and international levels to help poor and needy people. You are recommended to give charity, or if you deserve it, you can contact us any time. 

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