Cricket Facts Every Cricket Fan Needs to Know!

Sports have always enthralled Indians, who have followed them with zeal. That is especially true for cricket, where the fan base is at an all-time high. Cricket has been popular in India for a long time. It was formerly structured as “Gilli Danda,” from which it continued to evolve. However, with the launch of fantasy cricket, a recently developed cricket pattern has become popular. In this style, the player stays at home or on his sofa and uses his cell phone to play.

Fantasy cricket is a digital model of cricket in which each player is assigned a digital value of points based on their performance. The fantasy cricket software gives a point of value to each player, and you must select your preferred group of 11 players to construct your team using the total points you have available. Then, you must logically spend this allocated value to develop your team, and select individuals you feel will perform admirably in the contest. It is obvious that the love for cricket is never going to end in this country!

Cricket is a lot of fun to play for everyone. Particularly now that the IPL fever has gripped the country, both youngsters and adults want to make the most of their holiday time by participating in the sport. There are, however, several obvious risks that you may meet when playing cricket. Read ahead to stay prepared for your favourite sport!

If you’ve already acquired your favourite team’s jersey and are ready to hit the ground running, here are some precautions to keep in mind.

Whether cricket or another sport, protective gear is required to avoid harm. Before playing cricket, you need to have a helmet, knee guards, and elbow guards. If you play professionally, you can consult with your coach about any additional protective gear you may require.

Amateurs frequently begin playing with no prior preparation. However, sprinting onto the field without a sufficient warmup is not a very bright idea. Warming up involves activating all of your muscles and gradually increasing the intensity. Begin with a light jog. Then, slowly do lunges, hard lunges, and hurdle walks.

It is critical to respond quickly if you get hurt while playing cricket. For example, if you have a muscular strain or a twisted ankle, apply a pain reliever cream. When treating muscular pain and stiffness, pain relief creams with turpentine oil and eucalyptus oil can be very effective, as they’ll help treat athletes’ feet. However, if your injury is significant, it is better to stay off the ground for a while.

There’s a reason cricket is known as the gentleman’s game. When you play honestly, you keep the spirit of the game alive. Injuries can be prevented if you understand the game’s rules—what is right and what is not. Every captain assigns you a role; grasp your function, and you’ll be able to keep out of trouble. And, remember, not all rules are about scores and punishments; sometimes, you have to be a team player and protect the people you’re playing with.

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