Cutting the Cord: 3 Free Alternatives to Big Brand Streaming Services

Since the days when YouTube began its video streaming service in 2005, and two years later in 2007 Netflix began its at-home streaming service, a great deal has changed in the entertainment industry.

The rise of YouTube and Netflix has brought crucial changes to the entertainment industry. In fact, if you can remember Blockbuster, in 2004, there were over 10,000 Blockbuster video stores nationwide. Now, as of 2021, there is only one Blockbuster store left in the United States located in Bend, Oregon.

But streaming services have also reshaped the face of entertainment as a whole. Now, movie theaters and production studios have partnered with big streaming services to offer new and early releases from the comfort of home. Further, there are even entertainment companies that have begun to offer channels where you can stream sports for free.

But where are all of these free streaming sites? Here, we’ll explore a few free options when it comes to streaming your favorite entertainment.


Yes, YouTube is essentially what started it all. Though the innovation of YouTube was made even more popular by Netflix, the fact remains clear that without YouTube, one might argue that we wouldn’t have all of the free streaming options that we have today.

On YouTube, you can find free entertainment across a variety of genres. And though there are many movies and shows that you have to pay for, whether as a purchase or a rental, access to entertainment for just about anyone can be found on YouTube.

Most recently, YouTube came out with a re-envisioned take on an American classic, The Karate Kid. Rebranded as Cobra Kai, this new franchise explores the life of the original’s key antagonist Johnny Lawrence.

Originally released on YouTube, the series now has its home on Netflix. But this is just one example of the popularity of YouTube and its largely free streaming service.


If you don’t mind sitting through commercials and ads, Crackle is one of the few legitimate streaming services that you can access for free as of 2021. But Crackle has a bit of a confusing history in how it’s traded hands over the years.

Currently, Crackle is owned by Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment. But this wasn’t always the case. Originally, Crackle was known as Grouper, but the service was then sold to Sony Pictures in 2006, who renamed the service Crackle. Then the service was rebranded in 2018 as Sony Crackle. Now, however, under current management, it’s once again known as Crackle.

But the shows you can watch on Crackle aren’t as confusing as its history. Today, you can stream a variety of popular shows and series, all for free. You just have to sit through the ads just as you would with a standard cable network.


Roku is perhaps one of the most popular streaming devices on the market today. With robust performance, high speed, and a variety of apps to choose from, Roku delivers on all levels.

But what many people don’t realize is that there are literally over 1000 different Roku channels that you can access for free in 2021. Many of these movies and entertainment offered on Roku are Christian-based; however, Roku provides access to download a variety of free streaming services as well as offering its own line of entertainment as well.

Recently, Roku originals have featured Hollywood headliners such as Anna Kendrick and Kevin Hart and popular series such as Thanks a Million and Mapleworth Murders.

There’s no doubt that Roku offers some form of entertainment for everyone and is slowly starting to edge in on big brand competitors.

More and more, users are finding it much more convenient and financially sound to cut the cord from their traditional cable or satellite service and simply stream the shows that they love at their own convenience. And with free streaming sites abound, this trend is only forecast to continue into the future.

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