The History of the Fob Watch: A Timeless Piece of Jewelry

If you’re looking for the ideal present for a healthcare worker, our selection of nurses watches and Pocket Watch is a wonderful place to start! These attractive timepieces, designed to allow hands-free time tracking, were typically presented to nurses when they first qualified, and they’re still a popular gift for anybody starting out in the sector today.


Several factors have contributed to the continuing popularity of the fob watch among nurses. Some regard the analog watches as a little bit special; indeed, there’s something very personal about receiving one as a present. In modern hospitals, nurses have more and more responsibility in their duties, and so they need to stay on top of their timescales, and accurately report on the results of various procedures. An accurate and efficient wristwatch with a good battery life and simple mechanism can really make a difference in the daily running of a busy clinic or ward.  The best Nursing Watches  Below are some of the very best fob watches in the market, all with a gold or silver bezel and with an elegant Swiss mechanical movement. Click Here: eblogz

The History of the Fob Watch

The practical and utilitarian timepieces have been popular for decades.  In order to allow hands-free time tracking, a fob watch has a removable carabiner which attaches to a slotted metal fob. The fob is worn on a string which is clipped to the watch, and can be used to tell the time.  The first fob watches were designed as an aid to caring for patients on the ward. Today, the term fob watch is generally used to describe any basic timepiece worn on the wrist.  Although there are so many variations on a theme, it’s likely that some of the most familiar designs will be instantly recognisable to anyone who has been in healthcare in the past 30 years.  Notable fob watch brands include Aviato, Alpina, Gamelife and Ten or More.

How Nurses Watches and Fob Watches Work

These attractive watches and fob watches combine to offer a simple way of tracking the time spent at work. On the outside of the watch, you’ll find a tiny hall meter, that works much like the needle on an old-fashioned car meter. This feature automatically tracks the time spent at work, so that the wearer can track how long they’ve been at the hospital, clinic, or office, and more importantly, the total time spent working.  The back of the watch houses a tiny battery, which provides the power to the watch. When not being worn, the watch is left in the charger compartment in a desk drawer, ready for the next wearer.

How to Choose a Nurses Watch or Fob Watch

The fob watch is perhaps the more wearable of the two, while the watch may be a little more tailored to the individual. Both share a similar aesthetic, however. As you’ll soon discover, you’ll notice that the focus of these timepieces is the face of the watch, rather than the dial, so the only real difference is the color.  Size and comfort are the key factors when deciding on the right size watch. It is often recommended that the watch be as slim as possible, and easy to move around. The gold-tone watch with the flower band style is especially popular among nurses, since it’s stylish and simple, yet also very practical. The watch cases are normally made of gold-plated steel, so you can be sure that your nurse will appreciate the unique design and material of your choice. Click Here: gopage7

The Right Style for You

The right timepiece has a multitude of unique features that can make it ideal for each of your potential giftees. Nurses’ wristwatches tend to be subtle, luxurious, and feminine, whereas heavy-duty colleagues are more likely to wear a rugged and military style fob watch. And the good news is that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution: we have a wide selection of classy fob watches, stylish nurse’s watches, and medical nurse watches, for those who want to stand out from the crowd.  So whether you’re searching for a professional or a professional assistant, we know that your nurse or healthcare worker has very specific tastes, and we have you covered! Browse our selection of fashionable and sophisticated fob watches, with designs that are as high quality as they are visually striking.


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