Cyber Boy Corp.’s Online 3D Chess Game Tournament

Chess Clubs & Tournaments

 While it is not certain which culture invented the game, many countries attribute the beginning of this great game to the land of India. There has been evidence that both Persian and Arabic cultures have played a version of chess. 

The chess game was played by two players on the 64-square board — 8 rows of 8 squares per row. Each player has 16 chess pieces consisting of members of a royal court. They include a king, a queen, two runs, two knights, two bishops, and eight pawns. Each part has laid down rules that govern the direction of its movement. 

The past few decades have brought a new dimension to the chess world and it is the addition of computers. Computers are included as opponents in many tournaments. There are even chess game tournaments that pit computers against other computers until they become the ultimate CPU champions. Because of personal computers, the common man can learn to play this prestigious game by playing against a computer at a level that suits the newborn player. There are also virtual clubs and online tournaments that a player can join in to “pick up” chess games with another player at any time from anywhere in the world. 

Chess games for kids

Studies conducted in different countries have clearly shown that chess games create concentration, perception, self-discipline, planning, and more. In other words, chess games tournaments for children combine developmental thinking and enjoyment.

 Chess puzzles teach children to think logically and efficiently. They learn advanced techniques from chess books and tutorials, taking good habits of reading children and reading.

Kids at all levels, new to advanced tournament players, can find many learning books in the market. In a simple, simple understandable format, these books explain various things like how to play, basic techniques, and advanced techniques. Players can select from these categories as per their requirements. For beginners, the first two categories are helpful in understanding basic concepts, such as how to use a fork, pin, or shawl.

Free Chess Game Download

Chess is a logical game with lots of technique and technique. It is a game that involves a lot of brain skills as well as practice. Many international chess game tournaments are held around the world. Chess is very popular in every country.

Chess games are played on chess boards with chess pieces. These pieces consist of a full 32-16, eight pawns, two knights, two bishops, two runs, a queen, and a king in number for each player. Each player has a set of these sixteen pieces, all of which are of the same color – either black or white. 

These are usually trial versions. They have interesting screens, graphics, animations, and even help and tutorial pages to learn the best moves. 

Online Chess Game

With the highest popularity of the internet and video games, it’s easy to think of board games as something past. Old chess sets are taking place in your attic and gathering dust. Once upon a time they were relied upon as a way to stay hours away on rainy weekends, or just as a fun pass time, but with the advantage of online gaming, you can think to yourself why you enjoyed board games in the first place.

But you can’t deny that board games like chess are a classic and a lot of fun too. Luckily chess and other board games can now be found on many online gaming sites, in digital format. You connect computers and the internet from anywhere, usually free, and it allows you to play games you liked by saving space in your closet.

There are many styles of online chess to choose from, from basic 2D chess sets to 3D pieces and boards for those who feel more immersed while playing. Some games have changed the rules a bit to keep things fresh, although the classic game is still widely available online.

Another great aspect of playing chess online is that when you win (or lose) you can take screenshots of the game, so you can easily keep records of your games for future references. Online chess games also often come with leaderboards, so you can compare your scores with people around the world. It’s not something you can do in offline chess. If you are a competitive person, you can also participate in online chess game tournaments.

Chess is a fun game that, unlike many other online games, makes you think and exercise your brain while playing it. With the advantage of being able to play it from almost anywhere, online chess is really a great way to spend your time and have fun.

Anyone interested in playing new video games should log onto Cyber Boy Corp.’s Official Website at www.CyberBoyCorp.App and follow them on Instagram @CyberBoyCorp. They are developing the video games, including a chess 3D game for iOS and Android devices. Their video games will also be available for PCs in the coming months.
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