Deciding on your Security Requirements as a Startup Business

If you are a business startup and your business model involves acquiring and setting up a business premises it is likely that you are going to have to look at security for your new premises. Commercial burglary is one of the most lucrative types for criminals, around 50% of small businesses in the UK have been a victim of at least one crime in the past two years,

This is a fairly complex field, and you will need to do lots of research to determine your needs. The obvious starting point is to determine the value of what you need to protect, and this will depend on your business model. This could include:

  • Plant/Machinery
  • Stock/Supplies/Parts
  • Customer Possessions (i.e. for cleaning companies and repair shops)
  • Data Storage
  • Vehicles and Mobile Plant
  • Office Equipment
  • Cash/Funds kept on site


As a rule, the higher the value of what is kept/stored on site the more stringent your security solution will have to be. You will obviously need to discuss this with your business insurance provider also as they may offer advice as to what measures will keep your insurance costs down.

Remember though that although your contents may be covered by insurance any break in/theft event will most likely affect your ability to trade during the period of an insurance claim. Some policies may allow for this so be advised to check.

Where to start

Do your own Research:

You can start by looking at local crime in the area you are moving to by looking at crime stats online.

Get guidance from the local police about the risks they have encountered in the area. Though remember that criminals may move focus from a crime hotspot to quiet areas as a matter of course.

Talk to other neighboring businesses about the risks in the area and what security measures they are taking. They will most likely be happy to help as they will want to keep their area as secure as possible.

Always start with securing your property egress points to the highest industry standard levels.

Talk to an Independent Security Advisor

You can also seek independent advice and you should seek this locally as your advisor will have good local knowledge and statistics which will affect your security specification.

Talk to Security Service Providers Companies

The main aspect of involving a security company is to ensure that your security solution is not expensively over specified as there can be a “more security the better” approach (as this creates deterrent which is the main aim of security) This can be costly though especially for a startup. At the same time, you do not want to cut costs with an inadequate solution which will lead to problems further along. (This is why an independent advisor might be a better way ahead)

  • Talk to 2/3 companies to get their advice and costs you can then get a clearer picture of what you will need.
  • Look closely at reviews for these companies especially long-term customer fulfillment.
  • Obtain referrals from other businesses
  • Look at quotations and costs and make sure they fit with your business plan and cash flow predictions.

Types of security

  • Alarm & Alarm Response
  • Manned Guarding
  • K9 Dog Units
  • Intruder Detection
  • CCTV
  • Display & Signage important as a deterrent.
  • Locks & Egress Security
  • Access Control Systems
    There must be secure checks at every important entry point of a business, along with a secured entry.
  • Illumination Management
    Illuminating your property in the dark hours is an important aspect of deterring crime

Whatever measures you decide on you should always ensure the technology is both up to date and industry standard, you should also assess this yearly to make sure you are not being protected by an out of date system.

You should make sure you display your security efforts as clearly as possible and present your business as a high-risk opportunity for commercial burglars.

It is important to note that faux/pretend security measures like signage that that implies nonexistent security will be quickly identified by professional criminals.

Commercial burglary can also have a particularly detrimental effect on both your staff morale, as they need to feel secure and your customer confidence

As it will likely impact them also.

Here at Kingsman Group, we can set you on the right path to business security

And keep your concentration where it matters.

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