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Detailed buying guide for venetian blinds!

Do you wish to decorate the windows in your room with Venetian blinds? It’s a superb decision! 

But with so many slat kinds available for Venetian blinds, how do you decide which to pick? In this post on Venetian blind slats, we’ll try to explain this to you.

Blades come in three different materials: PVC, wood, and aluminum. These materials each have benefits and drawbacks. 

We will contrast these options based on the following standards to assist you in your decision: Price, durability, appeal, and upkeep come last.

Blinds made of PVC

The Venetian blinds made of PVC is by far the most affordable. They are available in shops and online for less than 10 euros.

PVC resistance Slats of venetian blinds

The fact that PVC is resistant to moist environments is a major benefit. It is quite heat resistant, though. 

A crucial aspect given that the PVC blind is not particularly robust over time due to the blades’ deterioration and yellowing caused by exposure to the sun. 

Therefore, if a room is not overly exposed to the sun, this type of blind will be more appropriate for the bathroom, the toilet, or the kitchen.

Venetian blinds and décor made of PVC

Given that the available hues are often very neutral (white, beige), the PVC Venetian blind may go with any kind of decorating. Nevertheless, more and more retailers provide different hues.

The PVC Venetian blind, as we say in slang French for décor, might, nevertheless, make a room appear a little “cheap.”

Upkeep for your PVC slats for venetian blinds don’t require any extra maintenance. Simply keep them clean on a regular basis.

Venetian blind slats made of aluminum

The aluminum blind shop near me are slightly more stylish than the PVC slats, but they are also a bit more costly. It is, in other words, a middle-range Venetian blind.

An important distinction is that the aluminum Venetian blind has a considerably greater variety of colors than the wooden Venetian blind. As a result, it may fit into your décor more readily.

Blades come in two varieties. Blades that may be categorized as classic are micro-perforated and powder-coated to avoid corrosion. Therefore, choose prudently.

Now that all is stated, let’s get to the point.

Slats for Venetian blinds made of aluminum cost

As we previously stated, the aluminum Venetian blind is in the middle range, costing less than the wooden Venetian blind but more than PVC blinds.

Estimate between 15 and 50 euros for an aluminum Venetian blind of the dimensions 40 cm by 150 cm. Between 50 and 160 euros will be charged for bigger windows. 

The Venetian blind’s durability in aluminum

Aluminum Venetian blinds’ slats are incredibly resilient, particularly in moist spaces like the bathroom, cellar, or even the kitchen. The fact that they make fun of PVC or wood is still a drawback.

Venetian blinds made of aluminum and other decor

The aluminum Venetian blind, which comes in a variety of colors, may be used in every area of the house and looks great in modern, urban, or minimalist décor. It is the multifunctional component that won’t interfere with your decorating.

How to care for your aluminum Venetian blinds

Other than routine cleaning, the aluminum Venetian blind requires no special care.

Slats for wooden Venetian blinds

Since wood is a noble material, its price is higher, putting wooden Venetian blinds at the very top of the scale! There is no denying that wood is elegant.

Wooden Venetian blinds may be made from a variety of woods, including maple, oak, walnut, abachi, and bamboo. There are so many different varieties of wood that look great in interior design.

Aluminum venetian blinds price

Wood’s noble qualities come at a price. Indeed, depending on the wood and treatment, budget between 40 and 150 euros. The price of larger sizes might go up to 500 euros.

Venetian wood slats’ durability

Wood cannot endure humidity like the slats of PVC or aluminum Venetian blinds can. The hardwood slats do, in fact, continue to be quite sensitive after the treatments. Due to these unique characteristics, we advise against installing wooden Venetian blinds in hot or humid areas, such as the kitchen, baths, etc.

Despite this flaw, wood nonetheless performs admirably as a thermal insulator and heat regulator, blocking the passage of both heat and cold.

The Venetian blind made of wood

The wooden Venetian blind, as we mentioned in the beginning, is a component that would look great in either your living room or your bedroom.

How to care for your wooden Venetian blinds

The Venetian blind’s slats require no special upkeep, just like the two before them. Regular dusting will suffice, and that will be more than enough (about every 3 months).

However, hardwood blades are prone to fading over time, therefore we advise linseed oil or liquid wax for preserving them.

How is the Venetian curtain installed?

Venetian blinds, whether made of aluminum or wood, can be installed in three different ways: high up on the ceiling, above the window on the wall, and immediately on the window sash. 

To guarantee proper installation, you will need a tape measure, an electric drill, a spirit level, a screwdriver, a pencil, screws, and dowels. Depending on the type of 

Venetian curtain being used, specific components are required: a valance and Velcro strips for wooden blinds, and square guides or shelves for aluminum blinds.

The steps in installing the Venetian curtain are as follows:

  • Mark the locations of the fasteners with a pencil to help you find them.
  • By inserting the fasteners into the indicated positions, note the drilling points.
  • Choose dowels if you want a wall light. drill holes in the corners, then screw the dowels in.
  • Make careful to lock each of the brackets or pegs tightly before mounting the blind.
  • All you need to do to install an aluminum Venetian blind is to position the “bracket” or “shelf” guides, feed the guide wire through them, and then tighten the ring.
  • Cutting velcro strips, placing them along the valance, and fastening them at the top of the blind to conceal its mechanism are the first steps in installing a wooden Venetian blind.

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