Discover the benefits of using a browser video editor

One of the latest big advancements in video editing technology is the development and popularization of browser video editors. These online video editing tools harness the power of cloud technology to deliver fast and seamless editing experiences.

The best browser video editor is Flixier. Flixier is a free online video editor designed to allow both beginners and video professionals to create beautiful videos and slideshows straight through their web browser. Flixier can be used on any device and is also one of the only ways to edit videos on Chromebooks.

Here are some of the most enticing reasons to use a browser video editor like Flixier.

Flixier doesn’t use your system’s power or resources

The traditional programs for video editing like Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro X require powerful systems kitted out with graphics cards and fast processors. If you try to edit video on an old laptop, you may find the experience is slow and the programs would be prone to crashing.

Unlike desktop editors, users aren’t using their computers to render videos when using Flixier. As none of the video encoding and decoding is done by your computer, even chromebooks and old laptops can edit professionally. This also reduces wear and tear on your computers as prolonged video encoding could cause heat damage usually.

Faster Render Times

The boffins at Flixier have developed a uniquely efficient method for rendering video, cutting down render times. This is because the video encoding is handled by powerful servers in Flixier’s data centres.

It takes around 1 minute to render a short video and it can take only 3 minutes to render an hour-long project! Those are speeds unheard of in traditional video editing.

Rendering times are a huge bottleneck in many video production workflows. Moreover, as rendering usually takes up a lot of your computer’s resources, it’s difficult to do anything else on your computer without freezes or even crashes.

With Flixier, you can boot up a video game or start editing another video while the video renders. That, is of course if you have enough time to do that – given the video could be done rendering in less than a minute.

You can access your Projects anywhere

As project files are stored in the cloud, you can access your video projects from any device. If you need to go on the move, you can switch over from your desktop to your laptop – with no time wasted transferring files or uploading to file transfer systems.

Just log in and pick up where you left off! Anywhere there’s an internet connection, you can use a browser video editor like Flixier.

This method can also be used for true remote collaboration with your projects. You can easily share access to your project files and allow colleagues, directors or teachers to preview your work and make edits if necessary. No more having to render dozens of preview files to send to collaborators. They can review the work straight through Flixier.

Flixier is free to try

Not convinced yet? Flixier offers a free tier for those looking to try out the service or use it for personal videos. The Free tier gives users 20GB of cloud storage and 10 minutes of export time a month.

When you’re ready to start using the browser video editor professionally, the Creator tier is very affordable at $10 a month. Users are granted 300 minutes of export time a month and a max resolution of 1080p.

Let’s get started

Browser video editors are an exciting way to get started making video content to share online or with your friends. Moreover, services like Flixier are the only way to edit videos on Chromebooks.

Head over to to make an account and get started for free!

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