Does Laser Hair Removal Really Cost That Much?

It’s not easy using laser hair removal. There are a lot of false beliefs regarding it. Myths that gradually damage its reputation Thankfully, that is exactly what they are. Myths and false beliefs. hence false. One of them is the high cost of laser hair removal. The price of laser hair removal has previously been discussed.

Yes, it is not trivial and still requires a large up-front expenditure. Is it really that pricey though? One must consider a few factors in order to respond to this question. Let’s first discuss what laser hair removal entails. Then, what factors can impact its price and what alternatives to shaving exist.

Third, patients should be aware of all the advantages of laser hair removal in order to make an informed choice. Knowing what you are getting into is crucial when investing a significant amount of money. This is another way to determine whether laser hair removal is pricey.

What is hair removal using lasers?

A approach for permanently reducing hair growth is Laser hair removal. Through several laser treatments, it can cut hair growth by up to 90%. Many people nevertheless report permanent hair removal even though it does not meet the FDA’s definition of a permanent hair removal treatment. All skin tones, hair types, and hair colors can benefit from laser hair removal.

Selective photothermolysis is a technique used in laser hair removal. Using an optical method called selective photothermolysis, tissue may be removed from specific areas. The technique’s main objective is to use a laser to burn targeted tissue and kill it while sparing other tissue damage. The pigment in the hair that connects to the hair follicle is the goal of laser hair removal.

The laser gun’s light energy during a laser hair removal session targets the pigment in the hair. The light then descends to the hair follicle after being absorbed by the melanin. It transforms into heat energy and establishes a bond with the follicle there. The hair follicle will be destroyed by the heat, stopping any future growth.

Only when the hair is in the anagen stage of growth can laser hair removal work. It is true that only at that precise moment do the hair and follicle touch, allowing energy to pass from one to the other. One session can only target up to 20% of the hair on the treated region since only 20% of the body hair is ever in the anagen phase of growth.

This explains why clients require many treatments to get rid of unsightly body hair permanently. Six weeks must pass between each session. As a result, hair that was previously not in the proper development phase enters the anagen phase and may be treated.

What elements affect the cost of laser hair removal?

Our laser packages at Infinity Laser Spa include a predetermined number of sessions for a predetermined cost. At least six sessions are included in each of our laser hair removal programs. There are a few factors that can affect how many sessions you require and how “expensive” your therapy may be, therefore it is feasible that you will need more than six.

The clinic and tools

A relatively common hair removal method is laser hair removal. Despite being relatively recent, the market has witnessed the development of several new laser spas and clinics in addition to the establishment of numerous new laser machine firms. The price increases the more upscale the laser spa you visit.

While it could be tempting to choose a less expensive laser clinic, it’s crucial to prioritize quality. Also checkout this amazing Hair transplant section Of course, the facility’s location and quality will be important. The technicians’ tools and knowledge will also be up to par. The cost of the treatment may increase depending on the type of laser equipment employed.

There are several laser systems made by various manufacturers. High-end equipment has a higher price tag, which must be made up in the cost of the procedure. Vertex Lasers and Alma Laser equipment are used at Infinity Laser Spa to provide quick and painless operations. They are diode devices that may be used on people with all skin tones and hair colors.

Your hair and skin color

Although all skin tones and hair colors can benefit from laser hair removal, the ideal client has light skin and dark hair. This is due to the stronger contrast between the skin and hair. As a result, the pigment in the hair is easier for the laser to detect. Light hair on fair complexion and dark hair on dark skin don’t provide the same stark contrast.

Persons with fair hair and people of color may thus require more sessions. The price of the therapy will rise as a result. It is true that the machine will find it slightly more challenging to target the hair. For instance, blonde hair has relatively little colour. As a result, it could be challenging for the laser to locate the hair and deliver energy to the follicle.

Size of the treated area

The cost of laser treatments is often determined by the region being treated. The region gets more expensive to treat as a result of the extended treatment time. While laser hair removal costs $99 for eight sessions on a tiny region like the underarms, it costs $1305 for six treatments on the entire leg. This is due to the fact that treating the complete legs will take a good 45 minutes, compared to treating the underarms.

Other elements

The effectiveness and length of a laser therapy may be influenced by additional factors, which will affect the cost. Hormones stimulate the development of hair. As a result, those who are using hormone-based medications, have high hormone levels, or use birth control may require more sessions. In addition to their hair cycle, type, and coarseness, genetics may also be important.

What do alternative hair removal techniques cost?

Does laser hair removal really cost that much? Finding a point of reference is the greatest method to learn. Laser Hair Removal Side Effects and Risks  It would be quite challenging to respond to such question without a context. Finding the hair removal technique that works best for you is what matters most in the end. Additionally, it must be inexpensive, efficient, and sustainable.


The most popular method of hair removal is shaving. It appears to be inexpensive, quick, and handy. You can finish up after a brief shower. It does not, however, in any way help to slow down hair growth. The hair seems thicker and darker when it comes back because the razor cuts the hair flat at the skin’s surface. Regrowth is frequently grating and unpleasant as well.

Depending on how frequently people shave, shaving costs vary from person to person. Every day, men will shave their faces. Every other day, women will shave their legs and underarms. If you shave every day, it is suggested that you switch razors every two weeks. However, replacing the cartridge can be more beneficial.

Shaving does not come cheap. Although purchasing a single razor can appear inexpensive, the cost soon mounts. Three cartridges cost $15, whereas the average price of a razor is $15. For $10, a woman may shave two legs using shaving cream. If you replace your razor three times a year and your cartridge twice a month, your annual expenditure will be at least $405. You will have spent $20,250 on shaving if you shave for 50 years.


Another widely used form of hair removal is waxing. In the very long run, frequent waxing will help to reduce hair growth. However, it will take years before the hair follicles are sufficiently damaged to cease growing new hair. Ingrown hair, sensitive skin, bleeding, and lumps are other adverse effects of waxing to be cautious of.

Patients often get waxed once each month. The upper lip, the whole legs, the underarms, and the bikini are the most often treated areas. One treatment will cost around $100, not including tax. The cost per year, when done once every month, is $1,200. Tax and tips are not included in this. This will cost you at least $36,000 if you wax for thirty years. This, in the end, is rather pricey.

creams for shaving

A method comparable to shaving is the use of depilatory creams. The distinction is that it dissolves the hair rather than cutting it. It neither eliminates the cause of the problem nor helps to slow down hair growth. Creams are loaded with ingredients, many of which are bad for the skin. It is strongly advised against using chemical lotions on the bikini area.

Depilatory cream outcomes are seldom longer than a week. After three to four days, patients often notice their hair sprouting back. Thus, the majority of people require depilation twice a week, or 8 to 9 times each month. A bottle of cream typically costs $8.

The monthly total is $64 or $768 annually. For fifty years, using depilatory creams will cost you $38,000. While the benefits only last a few days, depilatory creams wind up being much more costly than waxing.

Can CoolSculpting and laser hair removal be performed simultaneously?

The use of CoolSculpting with laser hair removal is not contraindicated. Even though the expert will use an alcohol-based wipe to clean the area to be treated, most patients experience absolutely no problems. If you have sensitive skin, I may advise waiting a day or two after a laser treatment before getting CoolSculpting.


The only other permanent hair removal technique is electrolysis. It does not target an area all at once, in contrast to laser hair removal. Instead, each hair follicle is individually targeted by electrolysis. Each each hair follicle receives an electric charge that kills it and prevents further hair growth.

Each region takes significantly longer to treat since each hair follicle is treated separately. Therefore, it stands to reason that treatment will take longer the larger the area. For a small region, an electrolysis treatment runs about $45 in price. The cost of an electrolysis session is determined by the number of sessions, not the size of the area.

For instance, a session lasting 30 minutes will cost $45. The upper lip or underarms may just require 30 minutes of treatment. It won’t, though, be for the whole legs. A portion of the complete legs can be treated in each 30-minute session. The patients will need to return several times to finish the entire area. The price is rather hefty in the end.

What advantages can laser treatments offer?

What are the benefits of laser hair removal for patients? What distinguishes it from other hair removal techniques? Numerous advantages of laser hair removal demonstrate its affordability and justification for cost.

There are rarely negative consequences.

There are seldom any negative effects of laser hair removal. There are risks and potential adverse effects, just as with any other cosmetic operation. Burns, scarring, hyperpigmentation, and sun damage are examples of possible adverse effects. However, the majority of problems may be avoided with careful aftercare.

The use of tanning beds and exposure to UV radiation are never advised to patients by certified professionals. By doing this, solar damage like sunburns, hyper- and hypopigmentation will be reduced. It’s crucial to interact with the laser technician during the procedure. It is essential to state whether the laser is too hot.

It delivers effects that last.

A approach for permanently reducing hair growth is laser hair removal. Many individuals do experience permanent hair removal, despite the fact that it is not regarded as a permanent hair removal procedure. Some patients might require a touch-up visit once a year or a few years afterwards.

The effects, nevertheless, persist a long time. After shaving, hair instantly begins to grow back. Waxing has effects that extend for up to four weeks. For up to seven days, depilatory treatments can eliminate unwanted hair. Patients who undergo laser hair removal will no longer have hair, maybe permanently.

It addresses skincare issues.

Shaving and waxing are harsh on the skin. The skin is more easily irritated, sensitive, and prone to infection and inflammation. Additionally, the hair is cut in the opposite direction from how it grows. Ingrown hair breakouts may result from the hair curling under the skin and growing back on itself as a result of this. Infected ingrown hair can spread quickly.

The hair follicle is damaged during laser hair removal. No more hair will develop as a result. Ingrown hairs are not a possibility if there are no hairs to develop and curl up against the skin. Thus, a laser procedure is a suitable choice for ingrown hair sufferers with sensitive skin and thin hair.

It doesn’t hurt.

It hurts to get electrolyzed. It hurts a lot to get waxed. Particularly when it comes to the bikini region. Laser hair removal, on the other hand, is not. First, because the word “pain” is not appropriate in this context. While the sensation experienced during laser hair removal is unpleasant and uncomfortable, it is controllable despite the fact that pain is subjective and differs from person to person.

Second, laser hair removal causes the skin to feel like rubber bands are snapping at it. It’s comparable to throwing or getting bitten by a mosquito. However, it barely hurts. Furthermore, it makes the procedure much more tolerable than waxing. However, sensitive and hormonal regions like the bikini will be more uncomfortable.

Does laser hair removal really cost that much?

The initial cost of laser hair removal may appear high. Of course, the size of the locations a customer will treat will determine this. While we have laser specials at Infinity Laser Spa that help make laser treatments more reasonable, some still cost a lot of money. The complete legs and other large regions will always cost extra. However, laser hair removal is less expensive when seen as a long-term skincare investment.

The complete legs, Food and Drug Administration underarms, full Brazilian, and upper lip are the most well-liked locations. We shall utilize non-discounted pricing for the sake of this essay. Full legs will cost $1,350 for six sessions, as will a full Brazilian ($715), underarms ($490), and upper lip ($245). Patients can require up to 4 further treatments, each costing an extra $322, because the Brazilian and upper lip are hormonal regions. The total cost of the procedure is $3,122.

Three years of waxing are equivalent to less than one year of laser hair removal therapy. The difference is that after receiving laser hair removal, a patient’s unwanted hair is gone for an extremely long period, if not forever. While waxing would still need to be done on a monthly basis. From that vantage point, it appears that the money saved over time as a result of laser hair removal is pretty substantial. hence worthwhile.

In the long run, laser hair removal is not that pricey. The initial outlay of money is still substantial. Due of this, several laser clinics provide their clients with payment arrangements. People can, for instance, use Split It or Quadpay to pay for services at Infinity Laser Spa over the course of six or four payments, respectively. They can make two or three installment payments in-store.

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