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Don’t Make These SEO Mistakes For Your Website

SEO stands for search engine optimization, which decides the results you get when you look for something on search engines. People make some mistakes frequently when they make their websites. So, these are a few mistakes that we suggest not to make on your website. If you need any help, you can contact Red search SEO in Sydney to assist in your website’s SEO optimization.

SEO Mistakes To Avoid

1.  Ignoring Your “google my business” Listing

Google recently has been focusing on “near me” searches. So, try to include everything you have on your business on your page. It is a great way to increase and expand your small business. When you include details, google will show your website to all relevant searches.

2. Focus Only on On-site SEO

Most businesses believe that it’s useless to explore off-site SEO. Yes, on-site SEO helps expand your website and small businesses, but off-site SEO is also required to help your website gain maximum potential.

3.  Ignoring On-page Titles and Meta Descriptions

Sometimes, some web pages have their title as “home”. It is a straightforward task to create a header, but even so, most people miss that and don’t add any title or meta description to the page. So always remember to add a suitable title to your website and add a meta description to it.

4. No Regular Website Audits

An audit reviews your website performance from the point of view of a client. Accordingly, you have to make changes to your website and add something that can appear to more people on their search results. Red search SEO in Sydney always insists on an audit for search engines for better results.

5. Not Removing Old URL Structures While Redesigning A Site

A common mistake that affects revamping a website when redirecting from an old to a new website. When you change the URL of a highly trafficked page, Google would not know, and your page won’t show up easily on one’s search result.

6. Placing Texts Only On The Page

It is very eye-catching when a picture shows up on your website with text on it. Most people tend to not read what is written if there is a big picture. So it is always helpful to convey information about your website through images with texts on them.

7.  Quality Content

Sometimes people add low-quality pictures and content. That always repels users. You should always upload good-quality images with high resolutions. It attracts more users. You have to write about your website so that people are willing to read and stay on that page for long.

8.  Algorithms

Stop chasing algorithms and making content for them. It decreases the interest of a page. Try to make your content exciting and attractive. Users will be automatically attracted to your page.


Now you know what you should always avoid while making a website as an SEO. If you need help with your website SEO, you can follow Red search SEO in Sydney – their work is impeccable, and they can help boost your optimization considerably.

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