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Don’t Make These Three DIY Pest Control Mistakes

When we detect a pest in our house, whether it’s a rat, ant, cockroach, or bed bug, we want them to go. But, you believe that a little do-it-yourself pest control will help.

However, while accomplishing something on your own may appear empowering, it may also backfire. DIY pest control errors can occur for various causes and under a range of conditions that are beyond your control. However, do-it-yourself pest treatment has a lot of risks, and we want you to be as safe as possible; errors can create a dangerous environment, fail to fix the pest issue, waste money, or even cause damage. Therefore it’s better to call a professional eagle-eye pest control company like Shield Pest Control to do the targeted removal of pests from your happy place. Here are the common DIY pest control mistakes people make:

Neglecting the Cause

When dealing with a pest infestation, it’s critical to figure out where they’re coming from. For example, if ants are bothering you, look for gaps, cracks, and crevices that might be used as an entrance into your property and seal them. Then, bait the residual ants with a pesticide explicitly designed for them.

Some pests are pretty clever. You may believe your DIY pest control solution is working until you notice them reappearing in a different location a few days later. This means you pursued the problem around your house or moved it rather than squashing it.

Understanding the pest you’re treating and determining the point of entry into your house will assist you in avoiding making this blunder.

Misuse of Harmful Pesticides

Isn’t it preferable to spray more pesticides? Wrong. More is hazardous, but it may also waste product, time, and money.

Many homeowners believe that over-the-counter pesticides are entirely safe to use. These products, however, contain just as many chemicals that are damaging to your house and the environment. As a result, appropriate steps must be taken to ensure safety. When using insecticides, wash your hands after each application and, if feasible, wear a face mask, waterproof gloves, and goggles for further protection.

Using a Bug Bomb For Every Pest

“Bug Bombs” (or “Foggers”) are small aerosol cans that you can drop in the middle of a room (and then run away from) to disperse pesticide chemicals throughout the space. Unfortunately, these gadgets are frequently inefficient and might sometimes be harmful. In addition, chemical residues from Bug Bombs are commonly left in sensitive regions where chemicals should not be applied, such as on pillows, countertops, or clothing.

Remember, bug bombs are only helpful in cases of infestation.

Tired of Making DIY Pest Control Blunders?

You’ve tried your hand at DIY pest control, perhaps with some success and some failures, and now you’re ready to eliminate the dangers and get rid of pests quickly?

You can work with a reputable pest control company such as Shield Pest Control. We will provide you with the most efficient and safest solution to those annoying pest infestations causing you the most difficulties.

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