Dovpo Topsided Dual V3 Squonk Box Mod – What’s It All About?

The Dovpo Topside Dual V3 Squonk Box Mod is one of the latest mods that have been introduced in the market. These devices are very popular for the reason that they feature dual tanks that are filled with juice. So, when you switch on the mod, it will automatically fill the tank with your favorite flavor of juice. So, what are you going to like in the Squonk Box Mod?

The Squonk Box Mod features an internal battery that is rechargeable and has a USB port. It has a squonk style mouth piece which makes it look really cool and unique. When you put the juice into the tank, it makes a kind of sound and pumps the juice from the bottom to the top in just a couple of pumps. This makes your own juices stay fresher longer. You can even squeeze some of it out when you are not drinking any of it.

You can customize your own flavors when you buy the Dovpo Topside Dual V3 Squonk Box Mod. You can choose your favorite flavors such as orange, apple and more. There are also fruit flavors available. The manufacturer has a list of the fruits that can be mixed with the juice. You can try them all out and find out which ones you like the best.

The Dovpo Topside Dual V3 Squonk Box Mod has two colors available and this is great because you can choose which one to use depending on your mood. The first color is a white that looks fresh and cool. The second color is anodized aluminum, which has a dark gray finish. The mod has a black rectangular body and comes in a box that has a snap closure.

There are no leaks when using the Dovpo Topsided Dual V3 Squonk Box Mod. It also comes with a very well-built pump that gives you the power to pour juice with ease. The pump has a very powerful motor that pumps the juice through the hose effortlessly and without spilling anything. The pump is very smooth and is covered with an ion exchange plate for extra concentration. It has a large reservoir underneath the body for the collected juice.

There are two colors available with the Dovpo Topsided Dual V3 Squonk Box Mod. They are the original colors but there are some other colors also available which can help you customize the mod to your taste. The flavors in the bottle come in single flavor and with triple flavors. The flavors are fruity like cranberry, banana and more. The flavors are intense so if you are looking for a juice then you will defiantly be satisfied with the flavors.

The Dovpo Topsided Dual V3 Squonk Box Mod has an easy to use dial control that makes filling the reservoir an easy task. This control dial also allows you to change the amount of dues to be stored in the reservoir. The reservoir holds up to 2 quarts of juice when the battery is fully charged and is easily disassembled to remove the contents for refilling.

When it comes to cleaning the Dovpo Topsided Dual V3 Squonk Box Mod is really easy. It does not require too much work when cleaning because all you have to do is remove the drip tray and clean it with a non-caustic liquid cleanser. When it comes to safety the mod has safety locks which prevent the mod from falling off. The mod has a rubberized exterior to ensure it stays put and looks classy. If you are looking for the perfect mod to give your kitchen the wow factor then the Dovpo Topsided Dual V3 Squonk Box Mod is the perfect one for you.

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