Early Education in China

Early childhood education in China is majorly concentrated in developed and urban areas. Children below the age of six years are admitted to the pre-school for their early childhood education. Children below the age of three years attend the nursery school program, while children between the age of three to six years attend kindergarten. Younger children are mainly provided with basic teachings and physical care. Children in nursery and kindergarten are given lots of opportunities to express themselves while developing their motor and intellectual skills through games and fun activities. Children learn to interact socially with peers, caregivers and teachers.

Early childhood education programs in China

Children below the age of six are typically enrolled on the early childhood education program in China. The three early childhood education institutions include nurseries, kindergartens and preschool classes.

  • Nurseries

A nursery is one of the early childhood education institutions in china which serves children under the age of three years. This institution’s teachers and caregivers ensure that the children are given great care and protection. The caregivers at the nursery level are primarily trained as nurses rather than teachers since their primary role is physical care and nurturing.

  • Kindergarten

Kindergarten is a program that serves children between the ages of three to six years. The kindergarten program’s central role is child care and educational preparation. Some institutions that provide kindergarten programs include government-licensed private individuals, government, work units and neighbourhood committees. You can find kindergarten jobs in China and have the opportunity to introduce early education concepts and teach a large group of children.

  • Pre-school classes

The pre-primary classes are part of the elementary school and serve as an alternative type of early childhood program. It’s a half day program serving children a year before 1st grade. Teaching in China, early childhood education emphasises academics and preparing children for their next level of education.

  • Curriculum

The nationally recognised teaching curriculum in china includes math, language, music, art, general knowledge and physical education. General knowledge is a combination of social studies and science subjects. Kindergarten jobs in China are interesting since each class lesson prioritises a specific curriculum area. In the language classes, children learn to write and read simple Chinese characters, in addition to the phonetic Romanisation of Chinese. In mathematics classes, they are taught about numeral recognition, number concepts, and other manipulative concepts included in their lessons.

  • Guidance and discipline

Teachers teaching children in early education institutions strive to ensure that children are disciplined and follow instructions. During group activities, children are required to participate fully and give total attention to their teachers. Playing or talking to other children is not allowed during this period. Children are expected to have unquestioning obedience and to respect their teachers. Teachers encourage friendly and harmonious peer relationships while teaching children to help one another and respect the rights of others.

  • Physical environment

Most early childhood education institutions have several classroom buildings surrounding and encircling an enclosed courtyard. This courtyard serves as a playground where children can play and perform physical education. The playground contains playing equipment for distinct motor activities, including merry-go-rounds, swings, climbers and slides. Bright colours and elephant or dragon shapes on this equipment provide an added appeal and attraction. An expat teaching in China will find all these essential facilities that enhance efficient learning in the physical environment.

China has made significant progress in investing in the early childhood education system and raising young children in a friendly learning environment. The education system prepares the children early to learn moral values of respecting their teachers and interacting with their peers. This efficient system helps to nurture successful, hardworking and obedient children.

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