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Easy-to-Use CRM Tools and Apps to Manage Your Customer Needs

Enterprises can improve their sales operations using customer relationship management (CRM) solutions. CRM systems concentrate on key functions like contact and lead management. This makes sales jobs as effective as possible. Additionally, they have a user interface that is simpler and more beginner-friendly just like Business process mapping

You have better control over your trade investments thanks to CRM which effectively acts as an AI stock trading software to manage your investments.  It also helps standardize your demands to optimize corporate processes. Generate automated reports & dashboards with the help of ticketing system software

A CRM can be linked with social media platforms that highlight your trading successes. You can successfully promote your trading endeavors to a larger range of people.

What Is a CRM Tool?

A customer relationship management or CRM tool enables business owners to keep track of all sales operations. It helps develop connections with their prospects and customers.

A CRM’s main function is to organize and maintain all data for all types of contacts, from leads to business partners. Some key features of CRM systems are listed below:

  • It fosters a stronger interaction between clients and customers
  • CRM tools can be used as real-time charting software that will be beneficial if you are stock trading.
  • CRM tools can be used to share information and files, do dashboard-based analytics, etc.
  • Chat with coworkers in real-time
  • With the right CRM, you can manage contacts, manage leads, predict sales, and forecast sales
  • Track emails and incorporate them into Outlook and Gmail
  • It fosters a stronger interaction between clients and customers

Why Should You Use a CRM for Trading?

How well you onboard new clients affects how they first see your business. CRM helps reduce the difficulties required in a trading firm’s onboarding process. CRM enables you to provide consumers with a smooth experience.

You may use CRM to target high-profile clients and preserve transparency by using an AI-driven customer score.

CRM enables you to carry out customer suitability. It also helps establish risk management methods that are successful.

Simple CRM Tools and Apps to Manage Your Customer Needs

1. Salesforce

Salesforce is one of the most widely used CRM applications and is best suited for large businesses. It is a program that flawlessly adjusts to the growth of your business. It has amazing usability across all devices, and can be used everywhere you have a network.

Salesforce provides traders with a platform that can be customized. It allows them to track, evaluate, and stay current on their financial assets. Therefore it is recommended for trading. It is also one of the best charting software for stocks

Here are a few Salesforce features that may improve your commercial experience:

  • Sector-specific services
  • A fast platform
  • Slack collaboration
  • Salesforce sustainability cloud, and salesforce
  • AppExchange

2. Syntellicore

The Syntellicore CRM solution combines the trader’s room and rebate system into a single entity. The CRM system provides brokers with the highest level of flexibility and customization. Business owners get a back office with a multi-tier rebate system. It also has a helpful client area, and a top-notch partner and customer experience.

3. Leverate

A Forex CRM system is one of the services offered by Leverate (LX), a renowned premium provider of solutions for the financial markets. The product works with the Web Trader, Mobile Trader, and MT4 Client. One account can be used by traders to transact across three sites.

With built-in or linked marketing and automation capabilities, LX CRM enables company owners to improve their performance by fully taking into account the demands of brokers. With the use of such a product, brokers may link SMS services, affiliate systems, and other external services to create a system that is at the next level.

The dashboards and widgets provided by LX CRM are tailored to your needs. This allows you to activate the necessary settings to make your system as efficient as possible. It can serve as a real-time charting software because of its dashboard.

4. CurrentDesk

CurrentDesk CRM allows trading brokers to automate internal procedures. It also helps with sales improvement. A brokerage firm may create a multi-level referral network using it. This is because the software manages payments and incentives. The product is compatible with the leading trading platforms MT4, MT5, and others.

5. Hubspot

With Hubspot, you may manage the many contacts across your marketing, sales, and customer support workflows. It has a free plan, which has no time restrictions.

Features of Hubspot:

  • Providing a marketing automation tool
  • Integrating email inboxes into the platform
  • Connecting all customer interactions in one location, and being able to integrate with a variety of platforms
  • Users receive thorough information on sales activity, productivity, and user performance. From the reporting dashboard, you have instant access to all of this data.

6. Sage CRM

Sage is a corporation with a wide range of tools for every need, including payroll, billing, finance, and many more areas.

Features of Sage CRM:

  • It provides several connectors and technologies that help enhance your marketing and sales efforts while efficiently managing the company’s data.
  • Through Sage CRM, users may better understand their goods and satisfy customer expectations. This boosts their chances of landing a lead.
  • Opportunity management
  • Actionable reports
  • Collaboration

7. Microsoft Dynamics

On a single platform, Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers CRM and enterprise resource planning (ERP) functions.

With automatic and sophisticated data analysis, it provides a clear picture of how sales and marketing initiatives are progressing. To gain deeper insights into your business, you may employ solutions that are driven by AI and machine learning.

Here are a few special functions provided by Dynamics 365:

  • Integrated Communications.
  • Cutting-edge AI tools.
  • Management of finances and operations.
  • Asset Administration.
  • Intelligent Maintenance.
  • Graphic editor.

8. Finalto

One of the things that Finalto has created is CRM software for trading brokers. A trading system called Finalto 360 has 5 components and 1 next-level platform. The multi-asset platform that brokers receive is accessible on both the web and mobile devices.

Trading firms are granted permission to include several payment processors, and other external services to provide traders with cutting-edge technologies.

Start-up and Enterprise are the two bundle options for the solution. Business owners can also purchase this software.


Trading calls for the wise use of your resources and the possession of the equipment. This gives you a competitive advantage over other market participants.

Using a CRM, you may identify the key market players and make investments to maximize results. Additionally, CRM connects with several trading tools, enabling you to access all pertinent data in a single database.

The finest CRM tools also let you keep a sales pipeline prediction, notes, emails, and phone conversations in your database alongside customer details.

It reduces the possibility of forgetting assignments, appointments, and notes, which might harm your sales performance. There are numerous options available when looking for CRM software that fits your needs and your budget.

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