Entry Control The Biometric Solution for Care Homes

As the healthcare industry continues to improve and evolve, care homes are also transitioning towards a more high-tech approach to care giving. One of the latest technological advancements in care homes is the use of biometric systems for entry control. In this article, we will look at how biometric entry control can enhance care homes’ security and streamline operations, and ease the burden on staff, caregivers and residents.

What is Biometric Entry Control?

Biometric entry control refers to a security system that uses human data, such as facial recognition, fingerprints, voice recognition, or retinal scans, to verify a person’s identity. Unlike traditional entry control systems that require users to input passwords or present physical keys or ID cards, biometric entry control systems only require a person’s unique biometric data, which is considered more secure and less prone to fraud.

In care homes, biometric entry control can be used to provide secure access control for staff, caregivers, residents, and visitors, while incorporating speed gate turnstile to ensure accurate tracking of the whereabouts of residents and staff members. This not only enhances the security of the facility but also optimizes operations to allow for fast, secure, and convenient movement of people and resources in the care home.

The Benefits of Biometric Entry Control in Care Homes

1. Enhanced Security

Care homes handle sensitive patient data and have restricted areas that must be protected. Biometric entry control helps to restrict access to areas that require security clearance, such as medication stores, isolation units, and administrative offices. The system ensures only authorized personnel can access sensitive information, reducing the risk of data breaches, theft and unauthorized access.

2. Improved Efficiency

In a care home, managing keys, ID cards and passwords can be a daunting task that can lead to lost or misplaced items. Biometric entry control eliminates the need for physical keys and manual verification, streamlining access and reducing the risk of human error. With biometric access control, residents, staff, and caregivers can access the areas they are authorized to, without having to wait or manually verify their information, thereby saving time and resources.

3. Accurate Tracking

Biometric systems allow for accurate tracking of movement in the facility, enabling caregivers, staff and management to monitor access and check compliance with security protocols. The system can capture data such as the time, location, and duration of a person’s access, providing an electronic trail that can be used to trace violations or irregularities.

4. Reduced Operating Costs

Traditional entry control systems require staff, resources, and maintenance to operate. With biometric entry control, care homes can reduce their operating costs as budgets are allocated more to care-giving and other essential services rather than to physical security. Biometric systems are also more energy-efficient and eco-friendly due to their low power usage.

5. Enhanced Quality of Care

Care homes cater to people who require specialized and personalized healthcare services. Biometric entry control allows for more efficient management of care schedules and enhances communication between staff and caregivers. This results in improved quality of care and better health outcomes for residents.


Biometric entry control is a safe, reliable, and efficient way to secure and manage access to areas in care homes. It offers several benefits to residents, caregivers, and staff and enhances the general safety and security of the facility. With the ongoing evolution of healthcare technology, biometric entry control is expected to become more common in care homes as the industry moves towards more personalized and innovative ways of care-giving.

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