Amnesia Haze is one of the most popular strains in history. This Sativa dominant hybrid is a strain that produces high amounts of THC from 20% to 25%. Its immense power and powerful effects are born from a particularly excellent genetic mix. Possible origins are Thailand, Cambodia, Jamaica, and Afghanistan. She is one of the ten most potent strains globally; she won the HighTimes Cannabis Cup in 2004 and was voted best Sativa in 2012. Why is this strain so popular, and why? To be one of the most requested species in the world?

There are several reasons why Amnesia Haze is so popular. Besides having a wonderfully sweet, slightly spicy, and lemony flavor, she also tends to pack in 20% THC, with more brain and body effects. Amnesia Haze is a stunning breed, and just as eye-catching as it is, it has become a staple in Amsterdam cafes and a must-have in most pharmacies and clinics.

First Amnesiac born history

The amnesiac species become first born and raised in California before traveling to Amsterdam. The genius at the back of Amnesia inside the early 90s become David Paul Watson, the pioneer of the hashish world. His involvement in cannabis cultivation and genetics earned him the nickname Mister Skunk. The authentic Amnesia becomes a blend of Bubblegum and Super Silver Haze, resulting in a compelling and beautiful experience. It is a lively strain that takes creativity and focuses on the following stage.

Today, the original Amnesia has undergone some modifications. Some genetic mergers have occurred, causing most of the Amnesia from the cross between Cindy99, Jack Herer, and Skunk #1 since the creation of the first race. The potency of cannabis increases dramatically, making Original Amnesia seeds the most sought after on the market. They are also females, so any plant grown will produce buds if growing conditions are suitable. Outdoors means growers can expect three or more harvests per year depending on how long the flowers grow.


Generally, Sativa genetics have a variety of aromas and citrus blends. In the case of the Amazonian Haze, it has a sweet and lemony flavor, which is the perfect complement for a soothing and cheerful effect. To avoid confusion, Amnesia and Amnesia Haze, although they have the same name. But they are two very different species. Both have similar properties. But its origins are far from the same. Amnesia has an earthy and more citrusy flavor, with a slight citrus scent to exhale. Amnesia Haze hits you right in the face with a sweet citrus flavor. Both are Sativa-dominant and might confuse the garden with a missed eye. Training But both retained their lineage.

The Amnesia variety is almost as famous worldwide as other Dutch counterparts, such as White Widow or Neville’s Haze. Whichever way you go there, the results are usually the same: potent “buds” and a favorite flavor. Like almost every old-school classic breed, the true origins of the Amnesia Haze remain a mystery. But some theories strongly link stress. It is therefore not surprising that ruderalis is very strong and durable.

Amnesia has an earthy, more citrusy flavor, with a slight citrus scent to exhale. Amnesia Haze hits you right in the face with a sweet, fruity aroma. Both are Sativa-dominant and may confuse the garden by sight. Untrained But both retain their lineage and unique place in your garden.


Amnesia Haze has a diverse background, coming from different climates, growing it outdoors can be challenging. They are generally grown in greenhouses or indoors because they require higher temperatures than usual. It is not too tall, with a height of 1,2 to 1,5 m, but it is an unusually productive plant. You can expect more than 600-650g per square meter. You will get higher yields if you are prepared to deal with stress sensitivity to outdoor conditions.

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