Everything You Need To Know About Choosing An Evacuation Chair For Stairs

Whether you work as a First Responder, a caregiver, or assist a loved one with a mobility disability around the house, emergency evacuation equipment is a must-have item. When a disaster occurs, an emergency Evac+Chair 900H Power can enable someone with limited mobility to navigate stairs swiftly, safely, and effortlessly. They’re also meant to reduce the danger of back strain or physical injury on the transporter, which is a blessing if you’re a First Responder who uses them several times each day.

Why Won’t A Standard Fixed Stairlift Work In An Emergency?

While a permanent or mobile stairlift is a wonderful method for someone with limited mobility to navigate stairs regularly, they are not meant to work in emergency situations. It’s tempting to believe that a mobile stairlift may also serve as an emergency evacuation chair, but here are three reasons why it shouldn’t:

Additional Safety Measures Are Available On Evacuation Seats

Designed to provide a safer and more effective method for carrying individuals downstairs in an emergency. Allow the tracks to perform the heavy lifting when descending, allowing for a quicker and more controlled descent.

Power Is Not Required For Evacuation Chairs To Function

Whether the batteries in your mobile stairlift are running low or the power has gone out, leaving your permanent stairlift inoperable, emergencies are not the time to be stranded. Fortunately, evac chairs are designed to be manually operated, so they will always function!

The Most Important Advantages Of An Emergency Evacuation Chair

We’ve discussed three important reasons to invest in a stairwell evacuation chair. Here are our top reasons for choosing them over other evacuation options:

Adaptable In An Emergency

With an evacuation chair nearby, you can simply transport someone from the top level to a car or ambulance. There’s no need for time-consuming or dangerous transfers along the way.

Suitable For The Majority Of Staircases

Evacuation chairs are designed to be both safe and portable. You won’t have to question if you have a wheelchair-accessible fire escape – they’re designed to climb practically any stairway. Say goodbye to difficult turns on narrow landings and perilous stair descents!

Quick And Simple Deployment

Evacuation chairs are lightweight enough to carry upstairs while folded and simple to deploy. You will also not require substantial emergency evacuation training to utilize one properly.

Reduces The Load On Transporters

Evacuation chairs that are well-designed transfer their weight equally between two carriers. Some, such as the Mobile Stairlift series, also include a rubber track system, which lightens the load and decreases the danger of transporter injury.

How To Identify A High-Quality Model?

Whether you’re dealing with everyday emergencies as a First Responder or just want a backup for occasional home usage, the emergency evacuation chair you choose must be cost-effective. Keep a watch out for these 5 quality indicators to avoid wasting money:

FDA Acceptance

This quality seal indicates that the chair you’re considering is safe and functional for its intended application.

Customer Service That Is Committed

Check to see whether the manufacturer has a customer care department devoted to your location. A reputable brand will have a reliable crew.

Money-Back Promise

Online purchases may be dangerous. A money-back guarantee on evacuation chairs provides peace of mind.

Guarantee Or Warranty

A respectable manufacturer will demonstrate their faith in their goods by giving a fair warranty or guarantee with each purchase.

High-Quality Production

Safe chairs are made of high-quality, long-lasting materials on which you may rely in an emergency.

Price Variables For Emergency Evacuation Chairs

Comparing evacuation chair brands and models is not an easy task. While they may appear comparable, their prices can vary greatly – and for good reason. The following are the main elements influencing their prices:


Chairs constructed of higher-grade materials are often more expensive than their lesser-quality equivalents. As a result, they endure longer and hence provide better value for money.


Additional safety and comfort features might raise the cost of a high-quality chair. Details like a backrest, footrest, and cushioned handle grips might raise the price somewhat but dramatically improve the user experience.

Use Intentions

An evacuation chair built for use by emergency professionals regularly must be more sturdy, and hence possibly more expensive, than one intended for occasional usage in a family home.

FDA Acceptance

Cheaper items are less likely to get FDA approved since they do not need to pass the stringent third-party testing required for this quality seal. This puts you in danger of purchasing a chair that is substantially less expensive but far less safe.

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