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The world has changed since the advent of online gambling in 1998. Where once only a few companies offered services to punters – and most of these were confined to land-based casinos, if you hadn’t heard about it, it probably didn’t exist. Today, even those who do not gamble regularly have at least heard of Bingo or Bookies, while some will know how to play Lotto or participate in an office sweepstake.

With such unprecedented growth in what is now a global industry worth billion every year (and growing), it’s no surprise that new players are appearing on the scene all the time. It seems that there’s scarcely room for another player; Goal55and sbobet must surely stand out like a sore thumb in the online gambling scene.

Why is the site so popular?

It’s not hard to see why – Goal55 is ambitious and has set its aims high. This young company started life as Sbobet but decided it had ambitions that did not extend to becoming just another generic bingo site (despite now boasting more than ten million users). Since then, it has gone on an impressive growth journey; within its first few years, Goal55 had become the largest online gambling website in Asia for games.

Broken down regionally, that makes it #1 for Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan; Singapore, Cambodia, Malaysia; Thailand; Indonesia; Vietnam, and the Philippines. In addition to this geographical spread among some of the fastest-growing countries in the world, it is also in 9 different languages to provide its user-base with the most comfortable experience possible.

In recreating itself as Goal55 – both name and brand – the website has not just been successful across Asia but has achieved strong results elsewhere: number 4 in Europe for players from Greece and Turkey; number 5 in Africa for Egypt; number 6 in Australia for New Zealanders. However, its greatest strength may not be its range of games but instead its marketing expertise.

With a presence on social media far ahead of its competitors, Goal55 works hard to ensure that wherever you are, if you’re interested in online games, it will find you. Such is its global reach that it even has casino tables available in Arabic, a fantastic achievement for any casino and sure to bring it many new customers. This puts Goal55 in an excellent position to capitalize on the growth of gambling online as more and more countries see their players look beyond land-based casinos.

Foundation and beliefs

The company’s founders believe that ultimately most punters will opt for online over land-based games because of the benefits – no crowds, better odds (online games have fixed odds while you can get different odds at different tables in real life). In addition to these factors, they also feel there is scope for further growth from within Asia. In countries such as China and Vietnam, the online revolution is only just beginning.

The official blurb for Goal55 states that “We are committed to providing you with the best gaming experience at a superior level of excellence.” If their track record is anything to go by, they will be able to back up this boast.

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