Factors to consider when buying a water pump

A pump is any hydraulic device that helps to maximize mechanical power of a liquid, most commonly water. Water pumps are very important in homes and institutions because they help move both hot and cold water in a compact system.

However, when purchasing water pumps several factors must be considered.

It would be best to consider some factors for any product you buy when you need quality. It applies to water pumps too.

Flow rate

What determines the effectiveness of the water pump is the easy and faster flow of the water. The water pump you choose should be able to give you a good flow of water for your specific need, for home or farm use. It is the rate at which the water will flow.

You should purchase one which is capable of pumping over 2500 litres per minute. Anypump that has a low flow rate of between 100-200 litres per minute is effective for home use.

The size of the inlet and outlet

Looking at the work you need to do, and you should check the size of the inlet and outlet valve you are buying, which can suck in enough water and discharge the water. The sufficiency of the water the pump will be able to pump out, the time-effective it will do the job. This greatly influences the high pressure water pump price in Kenya.

The pressure of the pump

If you want to know how powerful your pump is, buying a pump that can pump water from the source to a longer distance and even a higher height is better. For instance, if any individual purchases a water pump with a maximal head of sixty meters, there will be no flow rate,if you try to pump water levels higher than that.

Generally, the kind of pump that you willopt to buy should have a full head more elevated as compared to the altitude that you will use to pump the water.

The quality of the pump

Surveying a quality water pump may save you a lot of stress after the purchase when you find your pump is not working as expected. When looking for a quality water pump, the brand, the engine, and the motor should be the factors you scrutinize.

The different types of water

Many people ignore the fact that there are different types of water and that it can affect the pump’s functionality. There are different types of water, and some may not flow freely in some pumps. Therefore, looking at the kind of water the user will need to pump may seem unnecessary, but choosing the water pump you select is critical.

Type of pump

There are various types of pumps available, just as there are various types of water to be pumped, depending on the task at hand. Submersible pumping systems, water-boosting pumping systems, self-priming pumping systems, borehole pumping systems, and many more are examples.


Before buying a water pump, take your time to review all the factors stated above to ensure your chosen pump gives you value for your money and that the pump you select will also meet your stated requirements.

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