Factors to consider when looking for the best posho mills in Kenya

A posho mill is a machine that grinds maize or wheat grains into flour. Maize is the staple food in Kenya, where most farmers grow their maize. It is taken to posho mills to be ground and cooked as ugali.

Some various brands and manufacturers make posho mills in the Kenyan market. When looking for a corn flour mill, it’s vital to note that this is a machine. Therefore, you can’t afford to make the wrong choice. It should also be a machine that best suits your needs and those of your clients.

In addition, knowledge of a milling machine can be an added advantage when buying one. The factors to consider when looking for an affordable posho mill price include;

Source of power

Generally, many posho mills use either electricity, water, or diesel as a source of power. The most common sources for milling machines in Kenya are electricity and diesel. When purchasing, they come with either an electric motor or a diesel engine. The power source can dictate the cost of the posho mill, but your preference should guide you to a machine of your liking.


Most milling machines come with a list of grains that they can grind. Many of them try to avoid oily or watery things like nuts. Therefore, when buying a posho mill, you should consider the kind of grains you intend to grind.

The speed of milling of a posho mill can determine whether you produce quality flour. In addition, electric mills are easy to operate because you can control them by pressing a few buttons.

Size of the posho mill

Storage space is one crucial consideration that can dictate the size of a posho mill that you can purchase. Small spaces mean that you will need to haul a heavy machine for you to grind flour. If you intend to mill for commercial purposes, big machines should be your preference.

Some brands can charge highly for a posho mill price in Kenya in disguise to dupe you into thinking that they are the best quality. Therefore, you should compare prices from various manufacturers before settling for your preferred choice.

Heat produced

Posho mills tend to produce a lot of heat during the milling process. A machine that emits more heat also consumes a lot of power. Therefore, it’s vital to choose a mill with an effective cooling system to help you cut electricity costs. If you experience many power outages, you can opt for a diesel-powered mill as a backup plan.

Flour needed

You might be looking for a posho mill that can give you coarse textures or smooth textures. An adjustable mechanism that grinds grains should be a vital factor when looking for a machine that can produce various qualities. They might not be cheap to acquire, but they can live up to the job.


The best posho mill price in Kenya should get you a reliable machine that can satisfy your client’s needs.  You can also acquire a durable mill that will serve you for the longest time using the best prices in Kenya.

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